Ya Ya Ya, I know it’s Monday and some of you are likely cranky……

Ya Ya Ya, I know it’s Monday and some of you are likely cranky but I just cannot help myself once again………Good Morning my Wonderful Family and Friends!!!  img_8246

YOU, ME, “WE” all have so much greatness within us….but, all too often we forget how to let it out as we get drawn into the negatives and drama that surround us in our every day lives.  Don’t forget to take time for yourself, to rejuvenate and to find your Happiness that lies within your Beautiful Soul…….Much Luv & Great Big Hugs to you all on this Beautiful Monday and on Ever Day!!🤗.  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Gods Paintbrush, simple beauty

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and it is up to each and every one of us to find the beauty that surrounds us, to find the beauty in the little things we take for granted each and every day.  Be Grateful, Find Your Blessings & Stress Less.  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Feeling Blessed and Grateful…..

Good Morning!!😊 Just feeling Blessed and Grateful once again as I’ve been watching the beautiful sun rising!!  We ALL have things to be Grateful for within our lives….so this morning I just simply want to say “Thanks for being a part of my Life no matter how big or small and in case no one has told you lately….YOU are a Wonderful Person!!”

Big Hugs, a Great Big Smile from Me to You and Sending Love to you All!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson

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A Grateful Wednesday….Be Grateful

Good Wednesday Everyone!!!!  Yep, it is Wednesday again and there’s much to be Grateful for!!  Yes, I said it….”To be Grateful for”!!!  I know sometimes it’s hard to be Happy, sometimes it’s hard to Smile and sometimes it’s hard to see the Good in Your Life but if you can just remind yourself that you have many blessings already and that it isn’t what you don’t have but what you feel, what blessings that you do have that matters the most in Life.

Still not feeling it after thinking for a moment?!?!  Do you have people that care about you and make you smile….do you have a place to lay your head at night….do you have clothes on your back and food to eat?!?!?!  These are just a few of the many things YOU should be Grateful for!!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!  Sending you a Great Big Hug, a Huge Smile to Brighten Your Day and Positive Vibes to help you get through the Day!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Nothing is Guaranteed but We ALL Deserve Happiness……

MORNING….MORNING…..GOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!  As I have been sitting here in silence, watching the tree branches slightly swaying in the early morning breeze and enjoying the beautiful view from inside my living room (36* out brrrrrr)……I cannot help but be grateful for yet another day!!!  We are ALL in different places in our lives and we ALL have our own challenges and responsibilities and we are ALL different…….but we ALL deserve Happiness and we ALL have much to be Grateful for if we just look around and realize our blessings instead of looking at the negatives and what we don’t have. Things could always be worse, there’s always someone else worse off than us……..don’t get stuck in Negativity or Jealousy but rather rise above, find the Happiness within you, there’s so much to be grateful for each and every day!!  We are ALL blessed differently but again today we have ALL awoken to yet another day…….Count Your Blessings, Be Happy, have No REGRETS and Have A Great Day!!!😊  Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Sunrise and Happiness, are you Happy?

What a beautiful sunrise this morning.Calmness with no breeze and no noises whatsoever………

We are all in different places within our lives but yet no matter where we are, who we are or what we are going through, we all just want and deserve to be Happy!! Look around you and Look within yourself…..there are so many big and little blessings to be grateful for, there are so many things and people that we take for granted everyday that we often get consumed in the negativities or what we don’t have instead! Realize your blessings (i.e. you have friends and family that love and care about you, you have a job or source of income, you have food to eat, you have your health, you have awoken once again, etc.), as there is ALWAYS others worse off than you .Happiness comes from within, Happiness is a choice and Happiness with a smile isn’t always easy….but HAPPINESS makes everyday life easier!! I want nothing less than for every one of you to find Happiness within yourselves and within your everyday lives!!!! 😊Sending you all a great big smile😃, lots of luv💖, and a great big cyber hug!!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Life is what WE make of it, Life is all about Choices….

Each day is only as good as we allow it to be.One Life is NOT better than the next….Life is about Choices and Choosing to be Happy and Learning to find the true Blessings within our Lives instead of dwelling on the details that often consume us and spread negativity. “WE” are ALL Blessed and have things to be Thankful for….Family & Friends, our Loved Ones…we have Awaken once again to Live Another Day, Our Blessings are Limitless if we just take a moment to realize all of the good, the positives that are in our lives. It is up to Each and Every One of Us to decide how we are going to be….NOTHING in our Life is Guaranteed, NOTHING in Life lasts forever so we might as well put a Smile on Our Faces, some Happiness in Our Hearts and make the Best of Every Single Day as best we can!!!“The one and ONLY true thing in life that we can control is Ourselves!!” Sending Much Love to You All and a Huge Hug to anyone and everyone, especially those of you that may need a little extra love today.😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson