Positive Thoughts…a Simple Hello…a Great Big Smile…and a Huge Hug

Hello Again….it’s just me sending you all some Positive Thoughts, a Simple Hello, a great big smile and a huge hug just in case you need one!!  I know that not every day is as good as some of the others but it is up to each of us to make it as good as we can.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives that will drag you and others down try to find the positives, the good, the blessings and what you should be grateful for rather than hateful and negative.


Happiness isn’t always easy but life is easier being Happy!! 😊  Smile…..Laugh….Enjoy Life while you still can….Live life to the fullest each and every day….Surround yourself with Kind and Positive People.  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……..Robin Robinson


Life’s little miracles, here one minute-gone the next…….

Life’s little miracles can happen at any time……Life’s little miracles can be gone at any moment.

Don’t forget to take the time to see the miracles, the beauty that surrounds you and the Good within your life…….Appreciate what you have while you have it and be grateful for yet another day.

Nothing in Life Lasts Forever…………Be Happy, Enjoy more of What Life Has to Offer, Stress Less and Have Love in Your Heart!

Sending You All a Lotta Luv this fine day!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and week, may you find some inner peace to help get you through any challenges that may come your way!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………..Robin Robinson

Happiness is a choice

The choice is YOURS!! Remember this when you are feeling down, YOU deserve Happiness…find it everywhere you go!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson
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Winter Time Blessings

As today is yet another day I cannot help but reflect on the many Blessings I have within my life!!  

The Blessings for us ALL will vary greatly…but BEYOND any words that can ever be written or spoken what one feels and knows from within is where our True Blessings lie, our Blessings are forever embedded and felt in our hearts!! 

No Matter what you have going on in your life or how bad you think things may be…..please take a moment to think and feel your Blessings as there is always someone somewhere battling something far greater than you!

YOU..ME..WE..are all Truly Blessed in our own ways!! 

Be KIND, share a SMILE or a LAUGH, have COMPASSION and share UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE!! You never know what someone is going through or what challenges they have endured….. 

Sending you ALL the Best Wishes that I can….the Biggest Hugs Possible….the Great Big Smile that you may need….and most Importantly, Sending you All of My Love for a better today, tomorrow and every day!! 

Luv to you ALL……Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

I am blessed and so are you!!!!

Such a cold beginning to my morning with 11 degrees and icy windows on the Yukon but it didn’t take long for my heart to be warmed with such a cute smile from Emery and Brenna this morning!!!  
I am so blessed and thankful for the little things, the big things and the simple pleasure life has to offer!!! 😃Although, NOT long after the cute smiles Em decides it was time to bless Auntie Robin with a surprise in her diaper!!! LOL  
Take each day to look around and notice what hidden blessings you truly have around you….we are ALL so truly blessed but unfortunately we let a thing called “Everyday Life” fog our vision!!  
Stop, look around, think about who and what you have and I bet it will make you feel good, may even make you smile!!! Enjoy your beautiful day….I too shall enjoy the day with my niece and the beautiful white snow while it lasts!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson 

Hearts get Broken, Our Hearts Ache……


Throughout the years our Hearts get broken, our Hearts feel many aches and yet our Hearts manage to Heal and our Hearts manage to continues to Beat and Love some more!!!

The circumstances for each of us will always vary…..

We all feel differently…..

But we ALL have Hearts…..

We ALL have Hearts that beat and get us through another day……..


No MATTER what you are going through whether it’s the Loss of a Loved One, a Relationship Breakup or ???? …….. remember that today is another day to heal and to be as Happy as YOU can be!!!

Time heals all wounds……….

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday it will hurt less and you will heal!!!! 

Precious Memories…..

Being Grateful for what you have in Life…..

And having Wonderful Family & Friends that are there for you can help make what you are going through a little easier!!!

20150501-093613.jpgI hope that you ALL have the support you need,

I hope you ALL find a little more Peace from within

And I hope you ALL make the best of whatever your situation may be!!!

Hoping Everyone finds some Peace and Love today and through your rough patches!!!! 😊

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Despite Lifes Heartaches and Challenges………

Despite the Heartache and Challenges Life throws our way…..we are still here to Live Another Day!!!!


NO Regrets………

Cherish your Loved Ones,

Mend broken Relationships,

Live with Happiness,

Let go of things from the Past,

Allow yourself to Heal and Enjoy the Simple Things in Life!!!!

I hope you ALL have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson