Never to young or too old….you can do anything!!

Good Morning!!ūüôā¬†¬†Morning is here once again…..may you ALL have a most wonderful day!! ¬†Go after what you want in Life, Never Give Up!! ¬†You are never to young or too old….you can do anything!!


Never Give Up…Believe in Yourself, in Your Abilities…we all have stumbling blocks along the way but with dedication and determination anything is possible….. YOU Can Do It!!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson


It is better to be……. Go Ahead, I Dare You!!

I believe it is much better to Be Happy, to Be Kind, to Be Positive, to Be Chipper, to Wear a Smile on my Face and to Look for the Good Within My Life than to be Sad, Bitter, Angry, Hateful, Jealous and Negative!!  None of MY Issues are YOUR problems and None of YOUR Issues are MY Problems so why take it out on others?

I do NOT believe any good can ever come from being Mean and Spiteful to others. ¬†Words can be very hurtful and damaging despite any apologies that may or may not happen. ¬†Some words cut deeply and wound the soul forever. ¬†Once unkind words are spoken they may be forgiven, but, they are often hard to forget. ¬†I do not believe any good happens from being bitter, angry and negative towards life and others but rather it causes more misery within ones own life a well as transfers to others. ¬†Being mean only creates more negativity and doesn’t solve anything…..

I DO Believe that a lot of Good comes out of being kind and nice to others. ¬†Niceness to others can be a powerful thing, a kind word or a simple smile & hello can brighten someone’s day. ¬†Kindness makes you feel good from the inside out and radiates. Being polite to someone can make them feel better about themselves. ¬†By being Happy, Positive and Nice you are choosing to be a better person, you are choosing to be the Good difference in someone’s day, you are choosing to create a happier life. ¬†Life is easier when you decide to find the blessings to be Grateful for in every day no matter how big or small and when one starts looking at things in a more positive manner Life just gets a little easier. ¬†Problems and challenges may not change but getting through them changes and becomes easier to deal with.

Just some thoughts as I Believe that we ALL deserve Happiness! Our lives are ALL different, we ALL have our own battles and struggles, we ALL have different choices and paths in life. ¬†Being negative only makes oneself sad and bitter and pushes good people away. ¬†It is up to us as individuals to choose how we let Life and Others affect us, Good or bad. ¬†Go Ahead, Be Positive….I Dare You!! ūüôā YOU Can Do It!!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Family-Unconditional Love-Forgiving for Inner Peace-No Regrets

We ALL have ups and downs, we ALL have good days and bad days, we ALL have disagreements with loved ones, but at the end of the day we should Love unconditionally. ¬†None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes and we ALL need to live with NO regrets, NO I should have said, NO words left unspoken!!!! ¬†In the blink of an eye we can lose a loved one, in the blink of an eye we may be the ones with regret because we didn’t take the time to try……..

Time goes by quickly and before you realize just how much time has passed you can miss out on so many things that should have been enjoyed as a family because of disagreements unreconciled. ¬†NO Regrets, Forgive to heal your heart, Forget about the Past and what cannot be changed, Fix the broken relationships before it’s too late!!! ¬†Tell them you LOVE them and just agree to disagree and move forward instead of being stuck in the past!!

The LOVE is still there, the bonds last a lifetime but stubbornness sometimes gets in the way……..release the negatives, release the past and begin to heal from the inside out, begin to heal any broken relationships, begin to heal for yourself even if they do not accept it, they may not be ready. ¬†At least you can live with NO Regrets because at least you tried………… ¬†Great Big Hugs to ALL my Family and Friends and may you all find peace from within and some unconditional love. ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Wednesday, a good day to have a great day……

‚ėÄÔłŹGood Morning!! ¬†Good Morning!! ¬†Good Morning!!! ¬†I personally think Morning arrived way too soon but, it is yet a Good Morning anyhow!!


Today shall be a good day turned into a great day!! ¬†I believe that’s what today shall be!! ¬†I am thinking positively and positively thinking it!! ūüė䬆Happy Wednesday everyone…may you all have a Great Day!!! Hugs & Luvins’ from me to you! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson

Laughter may not solve problems, but….

Laughing is a wonderful thing… makes you smile, it gives you a wonderful feeling inside and it brightens the day and can often be contageous….


Could you imagine a world withoug laughter?!?! ¬†Laughter may not solve problems, but it sure can make problems easier to deal with. ¬†Find the good, find the humor, find the blessings, find the things to be grateful for. ¬†We have this one life to live so we might as well have some fun along the way and start taking life less seriously. ¬†Smile and Laugh more, it’s good for you!! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Start the day with a Smile, Spread your Sunshine!

SMILE!!!! ¬†No matter what, Your Smile is something that always looks great on you!!ūüėÉ Life can be unpredictable….Life can knock you down and drag you down the gutter….Life can be all sorts of negative things. ¬†But, your Smile, your beautiful drop dead sexy SMILE is a positively¬†heartwarming asset that you should never ever lose!! ¬†

Life isn’t always easy. ¬†But, Smiling is one of the easiest things you may do all day if you just allow yourself to be grateful for what you have and learn to appreciate the things you’ve done and been through both good and bad. ¬†Life will never be exactly perfect (practice make perfect but Nobody’s perfect)….Life is ever changing….Life is full of constant ups and downs…..don’t let the negatives of yesterday and today steal your smile!! ¬†Your Smile holds more powerful emotions for both yourself and others than you realize…a smile radiates and is highly contagious. ¬†So, today and everyday try to start your day with a smile even if you are just smiling at yourself!! ¬†Great Big Hugs, a HUGE Smile from me to you and Lots of Luv is being sent your way. ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts………Robin Robinson

Happy Sunday…..share smiles and give some hugs.

Happy Sunday!!!! ¬†May you have a wonderful day today and into the new week….. ¬†Hugs and Smiles are one of the simple pleasures in Life that we can give and take for free!!!


Share some smiles, gives others a hug, give someone a few moments of your time… never know whom may truly need it and that someone may also be you!! ¬†In Life we can ALL make a difference by just being nice, by smiling, by giving a hug, just by caring and showing a little compassion…… What difference will you make?!?! ¬†Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……Robin Robinson