The Legend of Bridal Veil Falls from our Motorcycle Ride

We made a quick stop for a photo op while out on a several day motorcycle ride at Bridal Veil Falls in Utah.  It is located off of US189 in the South end of Provo Canyon.

T20180601_101457he Bridal Veil Falls Legend goes:
“Many moons ago, an Indian named Norita and a brave from a rival tribe, named Grey Eagle met and fell in love. They planned to meet near a streamlet high on the mountainside and elope to a land far away from both their tribes. On that fateful night, instead of her lover, Norita was confronted by braves from her own tribe. Fearing her lover had been destroyed she leaped from the high ledges.
Mother Nature was touched by her wild beauty, and she caught up Norita’s streaming tresses and made from them a Bridal Veil of falling water. From her flowing gown an alter was formed on the face of the mountain. Then her spirit was sent out as a mist, causing a green carpet to spread over the mountainside.
The intruders fled while her saddened lover stood and gazed down at the strange yet beautiful transformation. His grief was more than he could bear, so out of compassion for his sorrow, Mother Nature molded his massive frames into the mountain and stretched his mighty shoulders high into the heavens like silent sentinels to guard over his loved one. His cries of anguish were softened into love calls to whisper forever.”

It was beautiful and breathtaking and in a really neat valley which made for a great motorcycle ride.  It was a wonderful choice my husband had made to stay off of the regular quicker routes on our trip to/from Nevada & Montana so that we could experience and see more of our beautiful 20180601_1014232975246284701980158.jpgcountryside despite adding more miles and travel days to our trip (2,540 miles from start to finish).

20180601_1017102080242931141650649.jpgIt is a great spot to stop and stretch the legs for a few or to even have a picnic down below at the falls.  If it hadn’t had been for the weather rolling in we would have ventured and walked the path and got close up, maybe next time.  I am now totally in love with staying off the beaten path on two wheels unless it cannot be avoided.  I cannot wait for our next adventure.  I hope you enjoyed a little from one of our trips.




Oct. 24, 2015 Simple, Short Motorcycle Ride…..Look around and appreciate

What beautiful fall colors on display in our beautiful part of Montana!!! 

Take some time to look at your surroundings, too often we forget to enjoy the simple things in life, we forget how blessed we are and we get caught up in everyday life!!!  Love and 60 degrees and out for a ride to watch some Rugby……hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day!!! Hugs to you all!!! 😊Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Marine Family Day Early Morning 10-8-15

Up before dawn in hopes to get a glimpse of our son, our Marine whom we get to hug and talk to in a few hours for the first time in 13 weeks!!

The excitement and anticipation are overwhelming!! We have now spotted him and his whole Platoon while they are practicing for Graduation tomorrow!! 

I have lots of pictures of them practicing this morning but most I cannot share unless I blur out the Marines except mine due to privacy issues.  So for now I will just share a few I took this morning with my phone of the beautiful sunrise. 

The excitement of all the parents, grandparents, siblings, girlfriends, etc is so overwhelming!! At times this morning while the Marines were practicing the parents would all flock like starving chickens and one little worm for 100 yard radius!!! LOL  

This is a very wonderful base with friendly Marines everywhere!! Thanks for reading my thoughts and more to come later…….Robin Robinson


Been on Vacation…..

Been staying in Polson, MT enjoying Flathead Lake immensely!!! Sorry I’ve been silent but either had tons of company, out on the water, out on the Motorcycle or too exhausted to think!!!! Also spotty reception in certain areas!!

Here’s a few pics for now!!  Hope everyone is doing wonderful!!!  On our way to paddle board some more and my husband is determined to stand and master it!!! 😉
             Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Accept that you do NOT have all the answers…..

It’s FRIDAY….what a beautiful day that extends into the weekend!! Accept that you do NOT have all of the answers to life and that you never will!! Worrying about everything in your life and in the lives of others is NOT healthy!! Worrying too much about things beyond your control or that have already happened that YOU cannot change can have very negative affects on your personal life, your work life, your health, your well-being both mentally and physically, your whole outlook on life and can lead you into depression and make it hard to be happy, to enjoy life and to be able to adequately cherish what’s truly IMPORTANT in your life!!! Things in life happen for a reason…..what is the reason??? You may NEVER know or later on down the road it will make sense, it will have served a purpose that you may now understand……but then again, you may never know but have hopefully learned from it and every situation!!!

20150313-090042.jpgDo NOT over analyze, over think and worry about things you cannot control…everything always works itself out in the end one way or another!! Relax, breath and take the world on one day at a time with a Positive attitude and outlook on life, have fun and try new things, surround yourself with Happy, Positive and Fun-Loving People……be a Happy, Positive and a Fun-Living Person that shares this Happiness with other!!! Being POSITIVE is one of the best things you can do in life for yourself and for others…….Negativity spreads like a WILDFIRE and is SO hard to pull out of sometimes!!! Be Optimistic and look on the Bright Side of every situation…….things could ALWAYS be worse…..if the outcome isn’t what you had hoped for it’s okay, it’s okay and you will survive and become a better person because of what you have been through, because of the hardships, because of the “NO’s” in life, because you can be Happy, because you have made it Another Day, because you are a SURVIVOR!!!!! Live with NO REGRETS!!!20150313-085958.jpg20150313-085922.jpg

Hope you all have had a Happy Friday that is leading into the weekend ………Thank You for reading my thoughts………….Robin Robinson

#acceptance,  #beyondyourcontrol,  #behappy,  #enjoylife

Motorcycle Ride 2-13-15….Nevada/Arizona Part 1

What a Beautiful day for a ride!!! 75+ degrees!!!! We rented a couple of Indian Chief Vintages from Eagle Rider Motorcycles in Las Vegas. They will even pick you up and drop you off from your hotel. The shop was a nice place with a few items of apparel for sale and a bunch of different brands of motorcycles to rent, they are currently remodeling and expanding a little. Very pleasant experience. 20150214-092712.jpg
The photos I am sharing in this post are from my phone, after we get home I will post more about our adventure from the pictures I took with my camera. Until then please enjoy these!! 20150214-093557.jpg
There were 4 of us, 2 riders & 2 passengers. We took off and headed for Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam!! It’s amazing how much it seems like you can enjoy the scenery from the back of a bike… all seems to go by a little slower, you get to enjoy the warmth and the sunshine and it’s nice to be out in the open instead of confined in a vehicle!!20150214-094656.jpg20150214-094726.jpg

The Dam was HUGE and I didn’t even know there was a Memorial Bridge there too (I will write a separate post on the bridge later). One side of the Dam is in Arizona and the other side is in Nevada………






From the Dam we took off back to Vegas down part of Lake Mead through the Lake Mead National Recreational Area (State Park).




The Valley of Fire State Park was beautiful….the pictures from my phone do not catch the magnitude of the colors but will hopefully give you an idea.





Out of the Parks and headed back towards Vegas…..Gordy couldn’t help himself, he just had to see how well the bike handled at 80…..then 100 mph just once!!! 😊 Good times!!



Into the Sunset we rode……..I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and a little about our adventure! 😊
Robin Robinson