YOU are AWESOME!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today You shall be awesome!!!!!

It’s all how you decide it shall be!!

So, put a smile on your face….decide to have a positive attitude…and decide to have a great mindset, this is a must!!

Now, GO….GO and be AWESOME!!!

Hugs & Luvs 2 U ALL .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson


Happy Thursday, Life’s too short…..

Hope you ALL have a very Happy Thursday!!! The sun, clouds and mountains were beautiful once again this morning!!YOU are such a Great Person, YOU are Wonderful…..YOU deserve to be Happy, YOU deserve to Enjoy Life and YOU deserve to be a little Selfish once in awhile and do things for Yourself!!Life’s too short to always wait…..Life’s to short to always put things off…..Life’s too short to NOT follow your hopes and dreams!!!Be the Person you know yourself to be…..Do whatever makes you Happy…..Follow your Hopes & Dreams!! Be a Doer and Believer, Live each day to the Fullest, Live with NO regrets!!! You will NEVER get anywhere or achieve anything unless you try!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Thursday Tidbits…….Lifes Greatest Blessing

Oh, how I have been ever so preoccupied and silent………my apologies for anyone whom may have missed me!! There’s more important things then spending hours on electronics to see what’s happening with everything and what I have missed!! 😉
How can anyone NOT fall in L💖VE with babies? They are just so innocent, precious and one of Gods greatest blessings!!  I have 3 wonderful sons whom are young men…..this is one of my darling nieces that I watch one day a week.
Let go of the negatives of yesterday, of your Past!! Start focusing on YOU…..on what makes you Happy…..on what makes you Better…..on what Inspires you…..on what YOU want out of Life….Y.O.L.O……..DO what is Best for YOU, not anyone else!!
A HAPPIER YOU makes for Happier Surroundings, Happier Family and Creates a Happier & Healthier Life!!! Happy Thursday Everyone, may you all find your simple Blessings…….Smile Brightly, Laugh Often & Enjoy what Life has to offer!!!

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

A Grateful Thursday, Love your Family

Good Thursday my Friends & Family!!! Who could imagine me at a loss for words…but indeed I have been at a bit of a loss lately!! My heart if full but yet it’s heavy….I start to write but then don’t like it….the feelings have been hard to express but today is the day that I open back up with my random thoughts and emotions!! 😊  Life is SO very precious, enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones, hug them when you can and always let them know you care!! IMG_8029Forgive–for yourself to let go of the pain and hurt you hold within you, do NOT hold onto the negatives but rather learn and grow. This is what all relationships are about, good or bad. 

 Try to mend broken relationships with your loved ones, with your family……disagreements & arguments happen in EVERY relationship and are just a part of life!! So much Time, Love & Memories are lost that can never be replaced……EVERYONE is affected young and old!!! Is your argument really worth losing relationships over?!?! It’s NEVER too late to for new beginnings & memories unless your loved one is gone!!! NO REGRETS, NO I WISH I HAD TRIED……. 

 The LOVE of family and friends is a simple pleasure in Life that can always be felt, that can brighten your day, that can make the difference when times are tough!!!  

 Hugs & Love to all my Family & Friends….. Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Who else would like to sleep the day away, staying warm under the covers while watching tv and being served food upon request?!?!??  
Ya, not gonna happen for us is it?!?!?! 😉 Have a fabulous Thursday everyone………Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson 

Good with the bad……

Good cloudy partially rainy Morning to you all!! Good things do come with the bad, sometimes we just have to be patient, take deep breaths and have faith that everything will be alright!! Worrying too much and getting upset just causes negativity!! I too am human and struggle sometimes, it’s normal…it’s okay…just learn to recognize it or accept it when your loved ones point it out…..YOU have the power to snap yourself out of any mood, YOU hold the power to your own happiness!! Happy Thursday Everyone   

A Positively Perfect Thursday

A Positively Perfect Thursday!!!!! 20150528-073132.jpg

A Smile,

A Laugh,

A Positive Attitude…….


These are all things that help your mental attitude,                                  They help create a better atmosphere around you,                                        They help you get through rough days,                                                           They help make good days even better,                                                         They help you look at the positives in life instead of just the negatives………


By doing,

By sharing,

By radiating positivity…..

YOU can help yourself as well as others without even knowing it!!!


I hope Everyone has a Positively Perfect Thursday!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson