A lovely day, so blessed!!

I had such a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE day today with two cuties and two sometimes needy dogs!!! LOL 😃 Always such a pleasure and I always enjoy myself, smile and laugh…..just snapped a few photos from today and have to share them!!  
LOL Tomorrow is one on one with Brenna…oh ya….I’m thinking we’re making something in the kitchen and I promised to show her a few books I have and read her some stories!! 

Gotta Love a Little Smile!!

Gotta love the little things….and cute little girls that Auntie Robin gets to spend time with!!! 

A surprise for mom and Nick……….

Please, Please do NOT turn me into CPS….LOL 👍😋 

Notice the cord positioning in her left hand like a pro…..


Really Auntie Robin?!?!?!?! Another Picture!!


Almost done, what a wonderful job she did!!! 😊

Hope your enjoying my pics!! 

Just chilling while big sis vacuums….


Em a little crabby due to running out of mommy milk once again!!! While Auntie Robin had to unthawed the last of the milk Konig had to lay next to her….the bodyguard!!!


Considering by the time I took this picture she had already drank over 8oz by mid afternoon a nice long nap was in order with her favorite football team!!!


Silly pic….except the young one that was trying to be responsible!!!!


Brenna was reading her 3 books from kindergaten call to Emery and I……Em was watching & listening!! 😊

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson