Monday is whatever we choose to make of it……..

Good Monday Morning to you all….Monday, is just another day.  It is the beginning of the week but every single day is whatever we choose to make of it.img_20180129_072122_902885948680.jpg

Everyday, is not the same…. Every day we have choices…. Everyday is a fresh start to accomplish anything…. Everyday is what we make of it….

YOU are AMAZING, YOU are BEAUTIFUL inside & out and YOU can HANDLE whatever Life throws your way!!  Believe in yourself more, Be Happy more, Laugh & Smile more and Simply Enjoy your Life more….Do what makes you happy!🙂  Great Big Hugs & Lotsa Luv from Me 2 U💕 .. Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson


Monday Once Again…will it be a good day?!

Once again, the weekend is gone and a new week has begun……Nothing you can do about it.  You cannot magically make Monday go away or the weekend to be here again so ya might as well make the most of it as best you can.

No matter what day it is, Your Day is as Good as You Make it!!  Even if there’s things to gripe and groan about (as there always is) doesn’t mean you have to!!  There are plenty of other things around you and within you to be Grateful for.  Why not enjoy your day a little more by putting a pep in your step, a smile on your face and go about your day choosing to be Happier, cool, calm and collected for the day?!  Have as Wonderful of a Monday as possible!! 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Hello Monday

Monday again ….. Good Morning Everyone!!!  Bring on the week!!  Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Be Happy, Smile Lots, Laugh Often ….. if you are unhappy figure out why, search from within because YOU are the only one in control of yourself, your thoughts, your attitude, your Happiness!!

YOU deserve Happiness so LET GO of the negatives of everyday life, of the past that you cannot change and look to Today & To the Future!!!  There is SO much Happiness still ahead of you!!! 😃   Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Monday….never STOP dreaming, never STOP believing….

Monday Monday🎵bah da bah da da da🎵🎵🎵…. Monday Monday🎵
Monday is here once again… there such a thing as being able to forget what day or week it is? Is there such a thing as losing oneself enough to lose track of time? 

Hmmm…..have I got you thinking and dreaming of how you could possibly lose yourself in a tropical paradise while lying in a hammock or walking along the beach listening to the oceans waves, sipping on a refreshing fruity drink or are you high up on a mountain top with your remote cabin enjoying peace and quiet, wildlife for neighbors, watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets with unobstructed views?!?!  The possibilities are endless…..don’t EVER stop dreaming & setting goals!!! Work towards what you want, set goals to reach your dreams but at the same time be happy and grateful for who you are and what you have!!!    Do NOT lose yourself in the negatives of everyday life, NEVER give up on your hopes & dreams, STOP doubting yourself and your abilities!!!!   START believing in your abilities, ALWAYS work towards your hopes & dreams, DO immerse yourself in the positives of everyday life!!

Be HAPPY and GRATEFUL…..never stop believing and never let anyone steal your dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson 

Everything is within reach…..

Everything, EVERYTHING is within reach. Your only limitations, your only obstacles, your biggest challenges will be your inner self!!!   Have Faith, Believe in Yourself, keep dreaming and reaching for what you want…….NEVER Give Up!!!  

ALL things are possible with the right Attitude. We ALL have struggles and obstacles but they are all as temporary as we make them!!  
 Keep your Chin Up, Keep a Smile on Your Face, Keep your Dreams Alive and Keep Moving Forward!!!! 
 Happy Monday Everyone!!!! 😊. Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Monday turns to Tuesday, days pass by…..

Tuesday already?!?? Where did Monday go?!?! Guess I’ll just have to wait till next week to see Monday again. 😊 Time passes, hour by hour…day by day…week by week…….you are in control of your own destiny. Make changes as often as needed, learn from past experiences, forgive and let go of the negatives that are done and over with!  

Look to today…tomorrow…next week…..never give up, make your dreams reality, believe in yourself, appreciate the things you already have and most importantly– be HAPPY!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Hello Monday & Hello November

Hello Monday and Hello November!!!  
Sending you all Positive Vibes for a Positive Day, Week & Month!!! How quickly time passes, how easily we lose precious time with loved ones, how suddenly things can change  
…….slow down, take time to look at you surroundings, take time to appreciate your loved ones, take time for yourself and take time to realize and be grateful for ALL of your blessings both big and small.  
Having a Positive Mental Attitude will help you overcome any obstacles and can make the struggles of everyday life easier. Everything in life is temporary so enjoy it, be happy and find the good in everything… deserve it!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson