It is just another day, good or bad……

Good Morning!!  No matter what today may bring you, it is simply just another day.  So when you are struggling or when someone else is being grumpy and rude towards you remember that it is just another day and you may NOT know what their struggles are just as they likely do NOT know yours so try to be compassionate and considerate to others as there is always someone with far worse troubles than you at any given time……

  • For some, today is just another day.
  • For some today may be a little tough, tears may run and memories may overflow as they say Goodbye.
  • For some it is just another day.
  • For some it may be full of joy, laughter and good times as they say Hello.
  • For some it is just another day.


It Is Just Another Day, good or bad.  I simply want to say “Hello and Good Morning” to you ALL and I hope you have as good of a day as possible.  Big Hugs & Lots of Luv 2 U All  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Remembering our Fallen Soldiers this Memorial Day 2017

The True meaning behind Memorial Day is to remember our “Fallen Soldiers”……this brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart as these Soldiers are here at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center having beers with their Fallen Brothers from the Iraqi War……

I did not want to bother them but felt I needed to capture the moment as this is just one small way to remember and honour their Brothers in Arms…….USMC

There are numerous tributes to our fallen Soilders of every Branch that will NEVER be enough compared to their Ultimate Sacrifice but it is OUR duty as United States Citizens to Remember Them, Honor Them & to Teach our Youth about Them and their Sacrifices……Gone But NOT Forgotten!!!

I know that as a mother of 3 ….Navy, Air Force & a Marine I get choked up during the National Anthem and anything Military related!!  I was lucky enough to have my Father return home from Vietnam but many others did not make it.  THANK YOU to all of the Men & Women whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice!! God Bless You and May You Rest In Peace…….Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……….Robin Robinson

4-1-17 Smile, Love & Appreciate..our lives are different but that’s the best YOU you can be anyways!!

As this week was spent with family and friends remembering our loved one and others that have already passed away we shared many stories of both good and bad times.  But, we also found ourselves being surrounded with the constant negatives, drama and soul draining complaints by our loved ones being miserable, worrying over the unknowns of  the future, of gossiping about others, of the complaints about their lives and those around them, we were asked for advice numerous times and more often than not asked what we knew, what we had heard and were constantly surrounded and felt as though they were attempting to suck us in to the negatives that they thrive on!!! 

It is amazing to me that they want the best of everything , they want happiness like my husband and I have, they want more out of life but yet are unwilling to change, to try new things, to try and change their surrounds, to try to be positive and to see the Good within their lives with the blessings that they already have but yet they are unwilling to change their negative ways, they are so unwilling and close minded to see how easy it is to start seeing the Good Within Their Lives!!  It really saddens me and hurts my heart and soul!!

This is part of why my husband and I moved a year ago once we became emptynesters….we wanted more and we wanted to distance ourselves from all of the negativity….we wanted to leave it all behind us.  All I can do now is Love Them Unconditionally, be here for them and help them as best I possibly can…..all I can do is encourage them and try to guide them into more positive and happy thoughts but ONLY if and when they ask for it…..All I Can Do Is Live My Life To Be The Happiest, The Most Positive And The Most Life Loving Person That I Can Be!!  Where do you fit into any of my above scenario, are you a complainer and negative or are you the Happy Life Loving Person?!?!?!  Do what makes YOU Happy, surround yourself with Positive People who bring out the best in you and Live Your Life even if you have to distance yourself from loved ones in order to be the Best Person You Can Be!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson

A great big Thank You, from a Proud American

We live in such a great Country, we have so many Opportunities & Freedoms. Some take these for granted, some have never thought about the sacrifices that have happened to allow us to keep these. Others feel that they are just entitled and have complete disregard & disrespect for those whom have or still are fighting for our Freedoms, our Opportunities…Our Way of Life!! I for one am PROUD to be an American!!

Lake Winnebago, Fon du lac WI

I want to Thank our Past, Present & Future Men and Women from ALL walks of life for their dedication to Serve & Protect…..Thank You-Local Law Enforcement, Firefighters & EMT/First Responders, Thank You-to all whom have or are Serving in the United States Military, Active, Reservists and future, Thank You-to those behind the scenes who help with support….because of People like You, we have Freedoms & Opportunities unlike anywhere else in the World. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Road Trip 2016 Day 2 Part 2…8/9/16 Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs deserves its own post as we got to see and spend time with our nephew whom we consider one of our “Boys, one of our Sons”. 

It’s been a little over a year and a half since we’ve seen him. He is proudly serving in the United States Army….he is following his boyhood dream!

We have been a part of his life since he was 4. Our families were inseparable and did everything together for years. We have watched him grow, watched him struggle and been there every step of the way. His parents struggled with their marriage and our house was no longer just a place to go, it turned into his home. 

Sadly, his father passed away in 2010 but my husband had always told Uncle Mark that we’d take care of his boy if anything ever happened and that’s what we’ve gladly done even before that tragic day. Sure do love this boy whom has become a man!! We are his “family” that loves him unconditionally……we have laughed with him, cried with him, scolded him and hugged him tight. 

I know that this post doesn’t really say much about Colorado Springs but I can tell you that it is a huge city way bigger than I had imagined. I learned that there’s not just an Army base but there’s an Airforce Base too. We walked a little downtown but spent the majority of the little bit of time we had having dinner and enjoying our time with Tucker before having to head back down the road to the next destination!
For now this is all I have on Colorado Springs….we should be back on our way home in a couple of weeks but if not for sure the end of September…..So until next time, “See you soon”, Colorado Springs and Tucker!! 

Love Un-Conditionally…..Family, Friends…our Loved Ones are NOT always biological, they are not always blood and they are not always even related by marriage. Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. YOU…ME…WE can make the difference to someone by just caring, by being kind or even a little harsh when necessary. Love is free to give, kindness is free to give, smiles and laughter are free to give, hugs are free to give…..make the difference to someone but ask for NOTHING in return. Just show some unconditional love once in awhile and I know you’ll be a little happier on the inside.  Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Open your heart and love……

Friends, Family…our Loved Ones are an important part of our everyday lives.  
Life is too short to just let them slip away ….. cherish the ones still in your Life …. remember the ones no longer with us but that watch over you that impacted your life …. forgive and maybe even try to touch base with the ones of the past to allow your heart to heal and make room for more Love and less bitterness in life!!!  
Open your heart to those that truly love you and reap the rewards of Unconditional Love…….be happy, be free, enjoy life and experience as much of what life has to offer!!  
Live, Love, Laugh & Experience Life……stay happy my friends & family 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Broken relationships with a heavy heart

Sometimes I believe I think too much, but there are times when something weighs heavy on my heart and I cannot help but think too much!! I cannot help but think about the pain between loved ones!  As I have been out walking alone in the desert these thoughts of heartache have run wild, over the years this has not changed and now, as I sit here enjoying my back patio and the beautiful sunshine these heartfelt thoughts run through my head once again……If ONLY I could learn to not love and care so deeply….if only I knew how to stop myself from always wanting to fix any wrongs….if only I could let go and not feel that I will live with regrets if I don’t at least try just once to help fix things!!!  I am NOT perfect but I try to live with NO REGRETS…..I am at peace with most everything that has gone on in my life as at least I have tried and feel good about myself, my decisions, what I have done thus far in my life, and at peace with everyone that I have loved unconditionally despite any problems that occurred or how the relationship is or isn’t.  I know deep down that I am who I am because of everything I’ve been through and I am proud of who I am despite my many quirks and faults!!

If I only had a magic wand or the knowledge on how to mend and fix things…..if I only had the smarts to help them heal and to help them let go of any negatives from the past and to mend at least part of any relationship that once was or to at least just forgive for themselves to release the bitterness that is held within.  It hurts me to see loved ones get upset, to struggle and be bothered with a relationship that is virtually nonexistent…….to me when a person is upset and bothered it is because they truly care, because they are affected by whatever is wrong, to me from the outside looking in and listening it is because there is pain and love still being felt otherwise it would be no big deal and a thing of the past. It weighs heavy on my heart always because of all the memories that have been missed and all of the precious time that has been lost.  It weighs heavy because I can see all of the pain that has been caused and felt by more than just the one(s) struggling.  Life is not easy, relationships can be complicated, love can be shared or lost in the blink of an eye…….Life is short so make your time count!! NO REGRETS….mend what needs to be mended, forgive to free yourself from negativity, love unconditionally for yourself but release anything and anyone that bring negativity but if you cannot fully release the negative energy maybe you need to take a look into why you struggle to release it, why are you not at peace with letting go?!  Sometimes the negative energy that we are trying to release is actually something that we need we just have to figure out how to suck it up and make it positive again!!
For anyone who is able to read my post all the way through, thank you!  I hope this post at least helps one person to look at things a little differently…..all I want for us all is to be happy, to be and feel loved……I want more of us to be able to let go of negativity, to embrace the life that we have, to live with no regrets and to make amends with whatever/whomever before it is too late!  Wishing you all luck and strength to get through yet another day and luck to help you mend your heart for yourself.  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson