Remembering our Fallen Soldiers this Memorial Day 2017

The True meaning behind Memorial Day is to remember our “Fallen Soldiers”……this brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart as these Soldiers are here at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center having beers with their Fallen Brothers from the Iraqi War……

I did not want to bother them but felt I needed to capture the moment as this is just one small way to remember and honour their Brothers in Arms…….USMC

There are numerous tributes to our fallen Soilders of every Branch that will NEVER be enough compared to their Ultimate Sacrifice but it is OUR duty as United States Citizens to Remember Them, Honor Them & to Teach our Youth about Them and their Sacrifices……Gone But NOT Forgotten!!!

I know that as a mother of 3 ….Navy, Air Force & a Marine I get choked up during the National Anthem and anything Military related!!  I was lucky enough to have my Father return home from Vietnam but many others did not make it.  THANK YOU to all of the Men & Women whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice!! God Bless You and May You Rest In Peace…….Thanks for Reading my Thoughts……….Robin Robinson

Life can be hard…..death and my emotions…..

These are some good quotes for today……….

I know that I have been Sappier and a bit more emotional than normal but know I mean the best for ALL of us!!


I hope everyone cherishes their loved ones a little more,

I hope everyone takes the time to reach out and try to fix any broken relationships,

I hope everyone tries to make sure that their loved ones know that you care…….


Sometimes, time just passes by and then in a blink of an eye our Loved Ones are gone………

Gone with word left unspoken!!!!


Two weeks ago, April 22nd I lost one of my Little Brothers, Cobey on Tuesday and my Grandma Mills on Wednesday April 23rd………

So, please know that this comes from a Heavy Heart and with meaning and purpose more than usual with my posts!!!


Do what needs to be done before it’s too late!!!!!!

Thank you to Everyone in my Life even if some of you are just through the computer…….

Having people that care, that listen and that understand some of what we go through makes Life more bearable!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Hearts get Broken, Our Hearts Ache……


Throughout the years our Hearts get broken, our Hearts feel many aches and yet our Hearts manage to Heal and our Hearts manage to continues to Beat and Love some more!!!

The circumstances for each of us will always vary…..

We all feel differently…..

But we ALL have Hearts…..

We ALL have Hearts that beat and get us through another day……..


No MATTER what you are going through whether it’s the Loss of a Loved One, a Relationship Breakup or ???? …….. remember that today is another day to heal and to be as Happy as YOU can be!!!

Time heals all wounds……….

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday it will hurt less and you will heal!!!! 

Precious Memories…..

Being Grateful for what you have in Life…..

And having Wonderful Family & Friends that are there for you can help make what you are going through a little easier!!!

20150501-093613.jpgI hope that you ALL have the support you need,

I hope you ALL find a little more Peace from within

And I hope you ALL make the best of whatever your situation may be!!!

Hoping Everyone finds some Peace and Love today and through your rough patches!!!! 😊

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

The Struggles Within…….

The struggles within……..

The past few days I have seen pain, heartache, resentment, anger, frustration, hurt feelings, pity, sorrow, awkwardness, tension and yet a lot of Love.  I know that letting go and forgiving things from the past is not easy and that it’s easier to hold onto the negatives than release them and move forward…..I know that I have NOT walked in their shoes nor been through or seen what they have but my heart aches for each one of them……….as I am much older than I once was, I look back at the lives of some of my relatives and remember the good times and remember that these emotions have always been present ever since I can remember.

20150422-075324.jpgThere’s a lot of good times that have been had in this family and although time has spread everyone apart it’s nice to see the love and the closeness and the bonds that resume once again despite some of the awkwardness amongst them, the tension and emotions come and go and I can see it as I sit amongst them.

As I sit here I wonder to myself if this reuniting of the family will change anything, will this bring some of the family closer again, will some of the family be able to finally let go of some of their pain, will some of them stay in touch more like a family should, or will it go back to how it was like I’ve seen in other families?!?!?!


It is nice to see the barriers dropping a little……This is NOT about me and NOT about them but rather my Grandmother that is drifting away………..

Please take the time to try and let go of the past, to forgive and to let go of any hurtful emotions…….Life is harder when you stay bitter, the past is done and over with, let your heart heal, mend relationships with loved ones that you still care about before it’s too late……..

Thank you for reading my thoughts…………Robin Robinson

Gone but Never Forgotten……

There are times in our lives when our souls are saddened and our hearts are aching!!!  The loss of anyone we love is always a struggle…..the pain and heartache is different for everyone.

20150414-085830.jpgGrieve, Cry, Get Angry…….LET IT OUT!!!!! 

Always remember the good times, the smiles and the laughter……..Remember the reason why they meant so much to you.


They were a part of your life and always will be regardless of when you saw them last, when you spoke to them last or how your relationship was when they passed away!!

Even if you weren’t speaking to one another because of something in the past they still touched a part of you, of your heart and of your soul.  Just because you fight and argue does NOT mean you stopped caring for them……..this is why your loss still hurts so much!!!!  20150414-090018.jpg

They may be gone but they will ALWAYS be in your HEART……….

Your loved one will ALWAYS be with you……….

They will ALWAYS be a part of you!!!

This is meant for Everyone today, for Everyone that is still grieving their loved one.  Just because time passes the hurt is still there.  Time will heal ALL wounds but sometimes it takes longer.  Please take the time to Hug your Loved Ones, to Call Them and Say You Care, Reach Out to Anyone who is struggling and hurting………………..


Remember your Loved Ones with a Happy Smile as you were blessed to have had them in your life……….

Be understanding with yourself and others and know that you are NEVER alone……..

Life can end so abruptly……..

Our Loved Ones may be gone but they will Never be Forgotten!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson