Ran out of gas 1-1-17….

1-1-17 … ALL I wanted to do was make Beanless Chili for the guys and some yummy Beef Soup for me today while watching football and doing odds and ends around the house!!! That’s IT!!! That’s all I wanted to do!!! It was foggy earlier, a little cool and it rained through the night so I opted out of golfing for today!! Well….in True “ROBINLY” fashion this happened!! 

Off to the grocery store with no problems, next was the Mexican Market with no problems, then off to get some fuel before heading home as I noticed it was Low but forgot to fuel up after the grocery store…no biggie as 76 miles to go according to the Cadi….um, guess again!! 

Yep!! Barely left the parking lot and it lurched and I knew I needed to turn around and head to the closest gas station!! Barely pulled to the side of the road to let a car go by before I turned around and that was it!! Cadi NOT gonna allow me to make it!! 

Well, per my typical luck Terry & Zach were on the golf course so I tried the neighbors!! Shannon & Brent to the rescue as soon as they got the ladies situated at their breakfast table!! Oh crap!! I interrupted their last family hours together before he has to head to the airport and back to work!! TRUE ROBINLY neighbor mishap but luckily I have them fooled and they like me anyways!!😊As I patiently wait for them to I admired the beautiful scenery as it could always be worse!!! 
Anyhow, small gas can emptied into the tank and off to the gas station I go as they follow me to make sure I make it then off to breakfast they go!! Thanks Guys!!! 

The Cadi now registers 87 miles until empty (really?!?! really?!?!)!!! As I begin fueling up…Clank, no more pumping gas….try it again, Clank does the same thing…hmmm, one more time but barely squeeze the handle and Clank once again!! Um, it isn’t pumping ANY gas but yet already charged me .76cents for air!!! Uh oh!!! Head inside to see what the YOUNGSTERS have to say is going on….per their words “oh ya, those pumps are having problems. Just pull around and try pump 1-6 and see if those work”!!! Um….seriously?!?? What the heck is going on?!?! I had NO Option but to try as I may or may not make it to the next gas station!! Thankfully pump 4 was nice enough to cooperate so I filled the Cadi!! 

Time to head home to safety……vroom vroom clunk clink “what the heck”?!?! Ha ha, oops, luckily the gas cap is attached as I forgot to replace and close the little door!! Oops!! Vroom Vroom and now home at last!!! Phew!!

Putting groceries away I realize I forgot juice, no biggie….then I realize I grabbed a black bean and a refried bean instead of two black beans for our tacos, oh well it’ll be ok…..then I realize I forgot the tomatos/sauce for the chili, um….um, oh well will try V8 instead as I’m scared to leave the house!!! It is now a STAY in the house and seriously contemplating wether cooking is even a good idea today or not!!! This is NOT how I pictured starting the 1st day of 2017!!! 

But, I am ME so I just gotta go with the flow!! LoL Once again, only me can manage to find the humor of my daily life mishaps!!! LoL Hopefully everyone else’s 1st day of 2017 is going much much better!!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ Maybe I should have gone golfing but yet I may have somehow ended up in Ever sand bunker and water hazard out there and with my luck today I’d probably slip and have ended up slipping into the water with the “Cover Story of just fishing my ball out!” LOL πŸ˜‚ Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Christmas Eve Day Mishap and I’m still LAUGHING at myself!!Β 

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT THE FOLLOWING What do these ingredients: Tequila, Peanut Butter, Lime & Serrano Pepper (cut in pan) have in common? 

It was Christmas Eve Day and the food prep had begun. One Serrano Pepper (seeds & membranes removed) cut up for the corn. NO spice at all so time for Serrano Pepper #2 but this time while thinking to herself, Robin decides that maybe some of the membrane and/or seeds should be included but first she should double check for any heat. (As she takes the smallest piece of membrane possible to test she is debating on wether this is a good idea or not but because the first one has NO heat to the Pepper at all it should be ok.) The small piece of membrane was slightly touched to the tip of her tongue and there was nothing at first followed by the most intense, on fire, burning sensation possible (Robin is a pansy when it comes to spice and this was WAY over the top!!) 
As Robin knew better than to drink water she fumbled around for something to help!! She found saltine crackers, a cookie, coffee, summer sausage and finally resorted to an ice cube to hopefully numb the pain!! While the ice cube was on the tongue the pain was relieved but once melted the intensity was in full force and had spread to her lips as she had been moving the ice cube back and forth and had apparently touched her lips with her on fire, Pepper oil laced tongue!!!! 

NOW WHAT?!?!?! No what was she suppose to do?!?! NO milk in the house to try and the burning pain was unbearable (kind of funny because deep inside she knew it was a dumb idea)!!!! GOOGLE!!!! GOOGLE was the answer, there must be some info on what to try online!! She quickly googled it and found a chart of “Do’s and Don’ts” and went into action with a giant jar of Peanut Butter!!

She quickly took a giant spoonful of Peanut Butter and plopped it in her mouth. She then smooshed it ALL over including on her lips in an attempt to help the burning sensations and control the flames that she was surely throwing out in every breath! (Terry and Zach were a lot of sympathetic help as they obviously laughed with her during her time of pain…insert heavy heavy sarcasm.) As the Peanut Butter was melting and liquefying in the heat it wasn’t helping!! So Robin decided it just sitting in her mouth and on her lips was NOT working so she quickly (as quick as possible with gooey sticky Peanut Butter) swallowed the Peanut Butter!! To her surprise the pain and burning had slightly subsided but was still extremely prominent and painful….what was next on the Chart that she had on hand? TEQUILA!!!

A “DO” for relieving the heat was Alcohol!!! (Please note that a big DON’T is Beer but Hard Alcohol is good.) “Time for Alcohol”, grabs the warm tequila and cuts a piece of lime. (You have to have lime with Tequila as it is yummier but NO time to chill just have to down warm!! Robin is apprehensive about Alcohol but willing to try anything at this point! The worse that happens is she just has to cook a little tipsy, she’s done that before so no big deal!!πŸ˜‰)

Here goes and down goes the shot after a quick swish around the mouth followed by the lime…..Hmmmmm, WOW!!! The intense Fire, Burning and Pain was gone from her tongue and just a little slight sting was left on her lips!! HURRAY!!!! HIP HIP HURRAY GOOGLE, PEANUT BUTTER & TEQUILA SAVED THE DAY!!! 

DISCLAIMER: While the above scenario is True and Factual, DO NOT ATTEMPT to Repeat just to see if Peanut Butter and Tequila really work!!!! LoL 

Just thought I would make a few of ya smile, chuckle, shake your head and/or laugh out loud by sharing my mishaps on Christmas Eve Day!! Hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas!! Luv & Hugs to you ALL!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Another day….look for the good in Life

It is yet another day!!!  
Sometimes life gets too dark, too heavy, too depressing & too negative ……… start the day positive and happy, find the good, find the funny, find the lighter side of life!!  
Don’t take Life too seriously, stop being drawn into negativity ……. Start looking at Life differently, look at the positives, look at the blessings, look for the humor in everyday life!!  
Sending love and positive vibes your way!! Smile, you deserve to be happy!! πŸ˜ƒThanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Modern “&?!@&$ Technology……learning is so stressful πŸ˜Š

I just want to say that MODERN TECHNOLOGY SUCKS!!! I just did up a nice inspiring post using the iPad while in the road (trying something new), saved it published it and now it’s gone…disappeared an nothing but the first sentence and one photo left!!! UGH!!!!!!!Aggravated beyond words as I just spent almost two hours figuring out how to manipulate, move pictures, etc.  Then it didn’t convert from word, so I started over and now it’s ALL gone!!! I sure do love my technology abilities!!! NOT!!!! So…..for mustering some feel good, do good thoughts and words……hmmm…..previous positivity eludes me.  

So, for now…I’m putting a smile on my face, gonna have to annoy my husband and my son in other ways besides cussing at the IPad as we are traveling from NV to MT, I have no yarn to crochet, modern technology is NOT being my friend and we still have about 10hrs on the road!! Everything including your ATTITUDE, your FROWN, and your EVIL Thoughts of the IPad flying out the window till it comes to a sliding halt along the pavement to just be squished by the innocent semi truck passing by…….Everything is temporary!!

EVERYTHING is Temporary, so take whatever happens as a learning experience..both good and bad!! Try to stay positive, take deep breaths and you will get through anything and everything!!! You can either stay stuck in the “Negatives” or you can move on!! Be grateful for what you have, be grateful you have a chance once again to conquer the IPad when you are ready, be grateful you have loved ones whom love you for being who you are!!! Happy Wednesday everyone, hopefully “modern technology” is treating you better than me today!!! 😊. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Home Alone…..gotta laugh at myself

It’s amazing how the mind can wander, especially when home alone……two nights ago I was restless throughout the night with mindless thoughts of randomness that made me chuckle, made me smile and made me wonder why I’m so weird!! This morning I thought I would share this with you.

Around 2:30am I awoke suddenly and instantly sat up listening, what did I just hear?!??Β  Is someone outside?Β  Did I lock both sliding glass doors?Β  Did I lock the front door behind me?Β  Hmmm, must be my imagination so I lay back down and proceed to fall asleep just to be startled once again!!

Ok, now I have to be hearing something….huh???Β  Am I over reacting because I’m home alone?!?!Β  Ok, knock it off!!Β  Why does it sound like someone is rolling the city trash can around?!?!Β  Is someone taking one down the road….huh….the sound is in the back so why does it sound like the garbage can going out?Β  Something is just NOT right!!

Ok, that’s it!!!Β  As I crawl out of bed ever so gently (as if someone outside is going to hear me) I reach for the curtain at my bedroom sliding glass door, NOTHING!! Nobody and no sound…….oh wait!!!Β  There’s the sound again!!Β  I decide to gently open the slider since I cannot see anything!!!Β  As I poke my head out I hear the noise again and hesitate ever so slightly as to NOT get caught….what in the world?!?!Β  The wind is blowing more consistent and violently…hahahahhaha, someone’s empty water bottle had made its way to the back patio and was rolling around!!Β  It definitely WOKE me up and made me smile and laugh as I was freaking out, holding my gun half naked at a little tiny empty water bottle!!!Β  LoL ….. At least I was safe, as I AM WONDER WOMAN!!! Ya, I make myself and others “Wonder”!!! LoL!!!Β 

I safely saved the empty noisy water bottle…it now resides in my garbage can!!Β  Later that morning I picked up 2 more water bottles and 3 beer cans from the back yard….looked like someone was having fun last night!!

Good Cloudy Morning!!!Β  I hope I have made at least one of you smile today πŸ˜ƒ…..Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

March 15, 2016 – Spring isn’t suppose to be white

Last time I looked out the window about 2:30am all was silent, all was still and all looked normal……looked outside again around 6am and this is the frightening sight I see….SNOW!!!  

Yucky white snow…….as beautiful as it may be, BBBBbbbbRRRrrrrrrrrr!! I want to wear shorts and flip flops without freezing, I’m ready for the warmth and sunshine !!! β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸ‘β˜€οΈ
 Oh, dear Winter, please go away…..I shall keep my chin up, a smile on my face and the patience & optimistic hope that you to let go and release the Season back over to Spring soon. We much appreciate your cooperation!!! Thank You, a human that’s tired of being CoLd 

Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

A lovely day, so blessed!!

I had such a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE day today with two cuties and two sometimes needy dogs!!! LOL πŸ˜ƒ Always such a pleasure and I always enjoy myself, smile and laugh…..just snapped a few photos from today and have to share them!!  
LOL Tomorrow is one on one with Brenna…oh ya….I’m thinking we’re making something in the kitchen and I promised to show her a few books I have and read her some stories!! 

Gotta Love a Little Smile!!

Gotta love the little things….and cute little girls that Auntie Robin gets to spend time with!!! 

A surprise for mom and Nick……….

Please, Please do NOT turn me into CPS….LOL πŸ‘πŸ˜‹ 

Notice the cord positioning in her left hand like a pro…..


Really Auntie Robin?!?!?!?! Another Picture!!


Almost done, what a wonderful job she did!!! 😊

Hope your enjoying my pics!! 

Just chilling while big sis vacuums….


Em a little crabby due to running out of mommy milk once again!!! While Auntie Robin had to unthawed the last of the milk Konig had to lay next to her….the bodyguard!!!


Considering by the time I took this picture she had already drank over 8oz by mid afternoon a nice long nap was in order with her favorite football team!!!


Silly pic….except the young one that was trying to be responsible!!!!


Brenna was reading her 3 books from kindergaten call to Emery and I……Em was watching & listening!! 😊

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson