4-1-17 Smile, Love & Appreciate..our lives are different but that’s okay..be the best YOU you can be anyways!!

As this week was spent with family and friends remembering our loved one and others that have already passed away we shared many stories of both good and bad times.  But, we also found ourselves being surrounded with the constant negatives, drama and soul draining complaints by our loved ones being miserable, worrying over the unknowns of  the future, of gossiping about others, of the complaints about their lives and those around them, we were asked for advice numerous times and more often than not asked what we knew, what we had heard and were constantly surrounded and felt as though they were attempting to suck us in to the negatives that they thrive on!!! 

It is amazing to me that they want the best of everything , they want happiness like my husband and I have, they want more out of life but yet are unwilling to change, to try new things, to try and change their surrounds, to try to be positive and to see the Good within their lives with the blessings that they already have but yet they are unwilling to change their negative ways, they are so unwilling and close minded to see how easy it is to start seeing the Good Within Their Lives!!  It really saddens me and hurts my heart and soul!!

This is part of why my husband and I moved a year ago once we became emptynesters….we wanted more and we wanted to distance ourselves from all of the negativity….we wanted to leave it all behind us.  All I can do now is Love Them Unconditionally, be here for them and help them as best I possibly can…..all I can do is encourage them and try to guide them into more positive and happy thoughts but ONLY if and when they ask for it…..All I Can Do Is Live My Life To Be The Happiest, The Most Positive And The Most Life Loving Person That I Can Be!!  Where do you fit into any of my above scenario, are you a complainer and negative or are you the Happy Life Loving Person?!?!?!  Do what makes YOU Happy, surround yourself with Positive People who bring out the best in you and Live Your Life even if you have to distance yourself from loved ones in order to be the Best Person You Can Be!!!  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Auto Accident….Angels working Overtime and a Mothers two cents!!!!

This past Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2016, our son Wyatt (our baby boy (17)), hit a puddle/patch of ice and ended up flipping his truck!!! I can honestly say that after being on scene and taking my first glance of the truck I was so glad that I had already talked to him and knew he was ok with just a bump on his head and I had even talked to an EMT and confirmed this while we were en route to the scene……….I guarantee had I NOT known my heart would have sunk and a tear or two may have escaped my eyes at the condition of the upside down truck!! Truly, he had Angels with him………I thank God for keeping him safe!!!
Sometimes, a Mothers Love has no words…..it is only something that can be felt.
Motherhood is a blessing, it is not a right or an automatic because you have given birth to a child…..Motherhood is something that is felt, that is shown through unconditional love, patience, perseverance, mistakes and by just being there and being a part of your child’s life through thick and thin no matter what!!! Being a Mother is a Great Privilege and Blessing!!  I am extremely overjoyed that Wyatt is ok, that he is NOT in the hospital or even worse, the unthinkable and unfathomable….no longer with us!! To ALL of the Mothers, Fathers, Step Parents, Grandparents, Friends………to EVERYONE with Loved Ones related or not………….LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, Give HUGS, say I LOVE YOU, let them know you care!!! Do this OFTEN………DO NOT let harsh words, arguments, disagreements, Pride, glaring stares, silence of unspoken words and feelings be what is left between you, do not let these things stand between you……ones LIFE can be gone in the blink of an eye, a roll of a truck and tomorrow may be too late!!!! You never know what may be ahead for tomorrow or what may even happen in a few hours!!!
I may not be perfect but I strive to be the best Mother, friend, person that I can be to my biological and non-biological children, they deserve the best, they deserve to feel loved, they deserve to have someone believing in them or even just someone to call Ma once in awhile that’s weird, goofy, and just loves them because she can!!!! To ALL of my KIDDOS……I Love Every Single One of You!!!! 😊 You ALL make me Happy and you always bring big Smiles to my face and Joy to my Heart!!

LOTS of LOVE and BIG HUGS to you ALL, my Friends and Family!! Thank you, each and every one of you for being a part of my Life no matter how big or small, I truly appreciate every single one of you!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Life can be hard…..death and my emotions…..

These are some good quotes for today……….

I know that I have been Sappier and a bit more emotional than normal but know I mean the best for ALL of us!!


I hope everyone cherishes their loved ones a little more,

I hope everyone takes the time to reach out and try to fix any broken relationships,

I hope everyone tries to make sure that their loved ones know that you care…….


Sometimes, time just passes by and then in a blink of an eye our Loved Ones are gone………

Gone with word left unspoken!!!!


Two weeks ago, April 22nd I lost one of my Little Brothers, Cobey on Tuesday and my Grandma Mills on Wednesday April 23rd………

So, please know that this comes from a Heavy Heart and with meaning and purpose more than usual with my posts!!!


Do what needs to be done before it’s too late!!!!!!

Thank you to Everyone in my Life even if some of you are just through the computer…….

Having people that care, that listen and that understand some of what we go through makes Life more bearable!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Hearts get Broken, Our Hearts Ache……


Throughout the years our Hearts get broken, our Hearts feel many aches and yet our Hearts manage to Heal and our Hearts manage to continues to Beat and Love some more!!!

The circumstances for each of us will always vary…..

We all feel differently…..

But we ALL have Hearts…..

We ALL have Hearts that beat and get us through another day……..


No MATTER what you are going through whether it’s the Loss of a Loved One, a Relationship Breakup or ???? …….. remember that today is another day to heal and to be as Happy as YOU can be!!!

Time heals all wounds……….

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday it will hurt less and you will heal!!!! 

Precious Memories…..

Being Grateful for what you have in Life…..

And having Wonderful Family & Friends that are there for you can help make what you are going through a little easier!!!

20150501-093613.jpgI hope that you ALL have the support you need,

I hope you ALL find a little more Peace from within

And I hope you ALL make the best of whatever your situation may be!!!

Hoping Everyone finds some Peace and Love today and through your rough patches!!!! 😊

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Sleepless Nights….Missing My Husband…….


I can’t seem to fall sleep……….Sleepless Nights…….

I have been in Washington State for a little over a week now while my husband and my sons are still in Montana.  I do not sleep well when I do not have my husband by my side no matter where I’m at, I never have.  And then struggling with my emotions this past week has just made my restlessness worse.

Dealing with my mothers side of the family while my Grandmother was passing away was stressful and learning that one of my little brothers passed the night before Grandma slipped away was even harder.  I am strong and can see positives in negatives but yet I have always been highly emotional.


He is my Friend, my Lover, my Companion and the One I Lean on most.

My husband has put up with a lot these past 21 years…..

He has put up with me and my family,

He has supported me regardless in various things,

He has loved me unconditionally,

He has contributed to our wonderful three handsome boys and he is still by my side after all these years…..


To My Husband,

Thank YOU for being the Love of My Life!!!  ❤️ Ya Lots and I may be feeling a little emotional due to lack of sleep and missing you!!!!


I hope that everyone has or has had a special someone in your life that has accepted you for who you are and who has loved you unconditionally.  It is a special feeling to know you are so LOVED!!!

The picture with the word LOVED I took of a ring my husband had made for me when we were in Vegas on Freemont Street this past February.  It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with joy!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Gone but Never Forgotten……

There are times in our lives when our souls are saddened and our hearts are aching!!!  The loss of anyone we love is always a struggle…..the pain and heartache is different for everyone.

20150414-085830.jpgGrieve, Cry, Get Angry…….LET IT OUT!!!!! 

Always remember the good times, the smiles and the laughter……..Remember the reason why they meant so much to you.


They were a part of your life and always will be regardless of when you saw them last, when you spoke to them last or how your relationship was when they passed away!!

Even if you weren’t speaking to one another because of something in the past they still touched a part of you, of your heart and of your soul.  Just because you fight and argue does NOT mean you stopped caring for them……..this is why your loss still hurts so much!!!!  20150414-090018.jpg

They may be gone but they will ALWAYS be in your HEART……….

Your loved one will ALWAYS be with you……….

They will ALWAYS be a part of you!!!

This is meant for Everyone today, for Everyone that is still grieving their loved one.  Just because time passes the hurt is still there.  Time will heal ALL wounds but sometimes it takes longer.  Please take the time to Hug your Loved Ones, to Call Them and Say You Care, Reach Out to Anyone who is struggling and hurting………………..


Remember your Loved Ones with a Happy Smile as you were blessed to have had them in your life……….

Be understanding with yourself and others and know that you are NEVER alone……..

Life can end so abruptly……..

Our Loved Ones may be gone but they will Never be Forgotten!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson