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Having a Child in College vs Military, there is a difference…from a mom of both

Having a Child in College vs Military from a mom of both………

Many people do NOT think about the difference on families of kids in College vs Military…often people assume they are the same…often people have never taken the time to think about the differences…often people assume one is better than the other…often people take the simple things for granted…often people say hurtful things in comparing one to the other but may not realize it…often people feel hurt by what others say because those saying it do not understand that there is a HUGE difference between the two…often people do not realize at how their comments may offend another greatly and be taken personally towards their child and family regardless of their choice, College or Military. I myself did not realize the differences and had never even thought about it until I went through both. I am trying NOT to offend anyone but rather inform anyone whom may not have thought about some of the similarities vs differences in hopes to help spare anyone’s feelings in the future. This is just my opinion and how I see it as a Mom.
When a kid goes off to College and leaves the nest it is sad, tough and sometimes hard to accept but yet you are proud and happy for them to be going out on their own and to be working toward a degree. You worry and wonder how they are doing and wonder what they are not telling you about. However, you can call and talk to them everyday….you can text back and forth any time of day…..you can go visit them and get a hug anytime you want….you can have them home for the Holidays and as often as they want……you can tell them about the funny things or call just to hear their voice, YOU have access to your child 24 hours a day!!!

When a kid goes off and into the Military and leaves the nest it is again sad, tough and sometimes hard to accept but yet you are proud and happy for them to be going out on their own and that they have chosen to Serve their Country, they have signed on the dotted line that is equivalent to them writing a blank check of up to and including their lives. You worry and wonder throughout Bootcamp how they are doing and wonder if they are being completely honest on how they’re doing…..if and when you hear from them as typically weeks go by and then you receive a handwritten letter that they might be able to write once a week with the possibility of a quick call if you are lucky but typically only if they need information from you so it’s short and to the point if and when they call. AFTER Bootcamp they head off to Schooling where they have their phones once again and you can call and talk to them everyday if they are not out in the field, you can text back and forth anytime of day if they are not on Watch Duty after class, you may get them home for the Holidays and at any time if they are granted leave, you can tell them about the funny things or call just to hear their voice except when they are Deployed and far away, YOU have limited access to your child that varies greatly throughout the year.

There is a difference between the two and they should all be respected for their choices. PLEASE be kind in your words, respect the choices that have been made and try to be understanding of what others may be going through regardless wether it’s College or Military…..Heartache, Love, Pride & Worries are felt for both.

Sincerely and Thanks for Reading my Thoughts, Robin Robinson 

Sailor Son Selfie to Mom

When your Sailor son whom hates pictures decides to send his momma a pic…..he was at airport waiting to board to surprise everyone back home and to visit friends at school as this would have been his Senior Year in High School but instead he’s already a Sailor in the United States Navy and about to go abroad and out to sea to help Defend our Great Country!!….at least I can tell his shoes are shiny and that he’s using his A School laptop bag!!!😉 So proud of this kid as he made the decision to Graduate from High School 1 1/2yrs early so he could start his life and join the Navy. This has all been achieved before the start of what would have been his Senior Year!! He went to Public School 1/2 time (they didn’t believe in him or agree with his decision), homeschooled  the rest of the time and on weekends, holidays and through the summer. He also interned at a Company and worked part time on a ranch but because this is what he wanted he succeeded and flourished in ALL of his schooling!! This is how school should be as what were crappy grades turned into A’s & B’s!! ALL things are possible if you believe in what you are doing and if you are supported!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

Road Trip 2016 Day 2 Part 2…8/9/16 Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs deserves its own post as we got to see and spend time with our nephew whom we consider one of our “Boys, one of our Sons”. 

It’s been a little over a year and a half since we’ve seen him. He is proudly serving in the United States Army….he is following his boyhood dream!

We have been a part of his life since he was 4. Our families were inseparable and did everything together for years. We have watched him grow, watched him struggle and been there every step of the way. His parents struggled with their marriage and our house was no longer just a place to go, it turned into his home. 

Sadly, his father passed away in 2010 but my husband had always told Uncle Mark that we’d take care of his boy if anything ever happened and that’s what we’ve gladly done even before that tragic day. Sure do love this boy whom has become a man!! We are his “family” that loves him unconditionally……we have laughed with him, cried with him, scolded him and hugged him tight. 

I know that this post doesn’t really say much about Colorado Springs but I can tell you that it is a huge city way bigger than I had imagined. I learned that there’s not just an Army base but there’s an Airforce Base too. We walked a little downtown but spent the majority of the little bit of time we had having dinner and enjoying our time with Tucker before having to head back down the road to the next destination!
For now this is all I have on Colorado Springs….we should be back on our way home in a couple of weeks but if not for sure the end of September…..So until next time, “See you soon”, Colorado Springs and Tucker!! 

Love Un-Conditionally…..Family, Friends…our Loved Ones are NOT always biological, they are not always blood and they are not always even related by marriage. Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. YOU…ME…WE can make the difference to someone by just caring, by being kind or even a little harsh when necessary. Love is free to give, kindness is free to give, smiles and laughter are free to give, hugs are free to give…..make the difference to someone but ask for NOTHING in return. Just show some unconditional love once in awhile and I know you’ll be a little happier on the inside.  Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Forever On…A Navy Bootcamp Poem by a SR (Seaman Recruit)

Navy Bootcamp….written Night Watch 07-09-16 by SR Robinson aka My youngest son


In the dark of night

Through the hall

The red light

In the silence all

Shines so bright

Amongst us we crawl

With all its might

We stand tall

Forever more

The day goes on

Through the door

Now we’re gone

No matter what for 

At the break of dawn

Built from the core

To sail forever on.

~SR Robinson 

To love and be loved…..

To Love and to be Loved is what makes Life worthwhile! For me, it makes me happy and it makes me smile …..  
Love is a funny, complicated thing but with Love and encouragement all things are possible!! I love all of my family & friends, my family ……..  
This includes my husband, my biological children, other kiddos that call me mom, other kiddos within my life as well as family members and friends, you all hold a special place in my heart!!  
Sometimes words go unspoken or we do not see eye to eye or we do not see each other or talk too often but know that I will Love You always, unconditionally ….. I will be here for you and I will always try to help you anyway that I can, when I can …… LOVE is a wonderful 4 letter word that cannot be seen but can always be felt!!! I LOVE YOU ALL, unconditionally!! Ok, done being sappy for now……..☺️ Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson