Dreaming of Tom Selleck and waking to……

Good Morning!! So, ya’ll know I’m weird already , so I might as well share this…(or you will soon know how weird I am)

As I was sound asleep dreaming last night, I was on a movie or commercial set watching Tom Selleck.  Tom is talking and doing his bit and it is about if we go to war this is what we want “Blue Choice”.  (No idea, this is just a dream.)  Then, as he is finishing up his img_20180502_055131_2672398358823201141016.jpgspeech/lines he is walking towards me.  Everything slows as he majestically approaches and starts to pass by me….. Then, then I get this strong uncontrollable urge that I just have to spit!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read that correctly.  I had to spit!!  So, somehow I seductively did and woke at 1:46 am to drool running down my face and neck and onto my pillow!!  LoL

I cannot make this stuff up…I cannot help that I am extremely weird!!  Oh boy…..well, I hope I have given a few of you a little chuckle to start your day!!  Sometimes, we just have to laugh at ourselves and share a snicker or two!!  Don’t take your life too seriously, its moments like these that you should count your blessings that you’re not as weird as me!! 😋Hugs & Luvs 2 U All  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts….Robin Robinson


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