If another can easily ANGER you…..

Something to think about…. Maybe more of us should read this a few times and really think about things that anger us.img_11032635942236490298350.jpg

Sometimes, in a few circumstances being angry is the common response for many of us whether a real good reason or not.

Sometimes, I do believe we get angry because of our own issues and NOT because of others.

Sometimes, we get angry because we are frustrated and do not know how to deal with the situations.

Sometimes, we get angry as a defense for whatever reason instead of concentrating on a solution or being empathetic with others.

Sometimes, getting angry is easier than showing vulnerability or that we are hurting.

Sometimes, getting angry just happens even in the simplest of stupid situations that really has nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves and the battles within.

Sometimes, being angry makes us lash out and we end up saying and/or doing hurtful things towards others and often hurt those we love and value within our lives.

Being angry, being sad and being miserable with ourselves and/or with others is such a negative and can often be destructive…none of us needs that in our lives.

When you find yourself being angered… STOP and think about it.

  • Why are you angry? Now, why are you really angry and does it really matter?
  • Does being angry help the situation?
  • Does being angry solve any problems or does it make it worse and harder to solve any issues?
  • Does being angry define who you really are?
  • When you are angry do you make good or bad decisions, do you think rationally?
  • When you are angry how do you treat others?
  • When you are angry are you really mad at others or uncertain of why you are truly upset?
  • Is being angry really the best way to be?

Think on these….these are just a few things to think on.

If you are often angry…  Good Luck, work on yourself and try to recognize triggers and reasons to help yourself be less angry.  If you are around others whom get angry….why are they angry?  Are you the cause of their anger, are you contributing to their anger, are you a positive despite their negative?  Do you help calm their anger?  Sometimes, we cannot do anything for others except walk away and distance ourselves…..  Thanks for Reading my Thoughts…..Robin Robinson




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