Been affected by a Negative Person? Are YOU that Negative Person?

Just some thoughts as I Believe that we ALL deserve Happiness! Our lives are ALL different, we ALL have our own battles and struggles, we ALL have different choices and paths in life but being negative only makes oneself sad and bitter and pushes good people away.  Negativity is hard to pull out of and it brings you yourself down even further and often  pulls others down too.  It is up to us as individuals to choose how we let Life and Others affect us, Good or bad.

I myself feel deeply…I love greatly and unconditionally…I am easy going…I avoid conflicts and confrontations like the plague…I try to find the good in everyone…I realize others may be struggling and try hard not to take their words or actions personal no matter how hurtful they may have been…I believe we are all equals and no one is above the other…I believe we all have issues and struggle no matter how different…I am Happy, Positive, Chipper and full of Smiles because I can and because I believe it is the best way to Be Me and it makes me feel good about myself and about life…I am NOT perfect but I’m perfectly happy with who I am!!😊

Do YOUR Best to NOT takes someone’s negativity personal, they are fighting their own battles within and 99.9% of the time it has NOTHING to do with you. Try to smile, say a kind word or give them a compliment or say nothing at all and move on without creating further negative drama that sucks you in and eats at your soul. YOU are a beautiful person inside and out and deserve to be treated better. You deserve Happiness just as they do.

Are you the one being bitter and negative?  Have you ever thought about why you are so angry, have you ever thought about how your negativity affects yourself and others around you?  Have you pushed loved ones away because of mean things you’ve said or done?  Are you really mad at the people you lash out at or are you just taking it out on them because you know they won’t fight back, because they won’t say anything, because you want to fight and argue giving yourself something different to be angry about or is it because you are just pissed off at the world and taking it out on others without meaning too?  Please, please take a moment to think about that….is this really who you are and how you want to be?!?!  Is this bitter and negative person who you want to be remembered for?!?!  The choice is yours.

I write honestly and how I see things maybe a little too much but I do it in hopes to help lift someone up, in hopes it might help someone look at things differently, in hopes I may inspire someone, in hopes my words may actually help someone someday!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

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