Sailor Son Selfie to Mom

When your Sailor son whom hates pictures decides to send his momma a pic…..he was at airport waiting to board to surprise everyone back home and to visit friends at school as this would have been his Senior Year in High School but instead he’s already a Sailor in the United States Navy and about to go abroad and out to sea to help Defend our Great Country!!….at least I can tell his shoes are shiny and that he’s using his A School laptop bag!!!😉 So proud of this kid as he made the decision to Graduate from High School 1 1/2yrs early so he could start his life and join the Navy. This has all been achieved before the start of what would have been his Senior Year!! He went to Public School 1/2 time (they didn’t believe in him or agree with his decision), homeschooled  the rest of the time and on weekends, holidays and through the summer. He also interned at a Company and worked part time on a ranch but because this is what he wanted he succeeded and flourished in ALL of his schooling!! This is how school should be as what were crappy grades turned into A’s & B’s!! ALL things are possible if you believe in what you are doing and if you are supported!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson


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