GOOOOD MORNING!!! Have a most pleasant day.Enjoy it as much as you can, try not to let the negatives bother you too much as you go about your day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinsom 


Sailor Son Selfie to Mom

When your Sailor son whom hates pictures decides to send his momma a pic…..he was at airport waiting to board to surprise everyone back home and to visit friends at school as this would have been his Senior Year in High School but instead he’s already a Sailor in the United States Navy and about to go abroad and out to sea to help Defend our Great Country!!….at least I can tell his shoes are shiny and that he’s using his A School laptop bag!!!😉 So proud of this kid as he made the decision to Graduate from High School 1 1/2yrs early so he could start his life and join the Navy. This has all been achieved before the start of what would have been his Senior Year!! He went to Public School 1/2 time (they didn’t believe in him or agree with his decision), homeschooled  the rest of the time and on weekends, holidays and through the summer. He also interned at a Company and worked part time on a ranch but because this is what he wanted he succeeded and flourished in ALL of his schooling!! This is how school should be as what were crappy grades turned into A’s & B’s!! ALL things are possible if you believe in what you are doing and if you are supported!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson

New Mexico Somewhere, Empty Nesters Traveling…9-23-16

Somewhere in New Mexico in the middle of absolutely nothing you will find an occasional homestead, abandoned towns, cattle, antelope and telephone poles.The highway is cracked with weeds and grass growing in them, the traffic is scarce and few in between, the sun is shining ever so brightly and beautifully and it’s 62 degrees. It is desolate, isolated and in the middle of nowhere but somewhere in New Mexico, this is where you will find my husband Terry and I right this very moment!!  We are on the road again. My husband is found some traveling for work and can work from anywhere and for the first time in 23 years we have no animals or kids at home, we are officially emptynesters! We are enjoying life and learning to adapt to our newly acquired freedoms. Besides, keeping busy is making missing my kiddos and animals much easier! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your life!! Life isn’t always easy but with patience and never giving up, your hopes and dreams will someday come true!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Fall is in the air….our views are all different

Looks like a painting but it’s just a picture from my phone while on the road traveling…..beautiful fall colors. Season is changing and the air is cool, the sky is cloudy, dark and no sunshine in sight. Beautiful just the same……….take an extra look around you today, take a second to realize all of the beauty and hidden blessings that are in your surroundings. We ALL have a different view, we ALL look at things differently but we ALL are truly blessed!! Hope you ALL have a wonderful fall day!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

No Regrets, love your life or change it……..

NO Regrets!! Just lessons learned…every day is another chance for change, another chance for new beginnings, another chance to fix any wrongs, another chance for more happiness, another chance for new experiences, another chance to work towards your goals, your hopes and dreams!! Don’t let Life just slip by because you are caught up in the daily negatives, the daily rut…..get out of your comfort zone, experience new things, take time for yourself more often and never give up on your dreams….anything and everything is possible, have faith and be patient, Never Give Up!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Life is good, even at 5am

65 degrees in Mesquite, NV @ 5am….Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Latte…..Life is Good….Smile on my Face as I have Much to be Grateful & Thankful for….Life is Good!! No matter where you are, No matter who you are, No matter what you are going through I wish you ALL Happiness and may you ALL realize how truly blessed you are no matter what Life throws your way!!😊 Have a wonderful Friday followed by an Awesome Weekend!! 

It’s another roadtrip for me and my hubby. 1st time emptynesters, he has traveling to do for work and I am tagging along to see more of our great country alongside him (besides, I was already going nuts with a quiet house after all these years of kids and animals)! We were just home for a week and a half from a 27 day road trip and now we are looking at another 4-5 weeks. Montana, New Orleans and then Wisconsin once again!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Life is what WE make of it, Life is all about Choices….

Each day is only as good as we allow it to be.One Life is NOT better than the next….Life is about Choices and Choosing to be Happy and Learning to find the true Blessings within our Lives instead of dwelling on the details that often consume us and spread negativity. “WE” are ALL Blessed and have things to be Thankful for….Family & Friends, our Loved Ones…we have Awaken once again to Live Another Day, Our Blessings are Limitless if we just take a moment to realize all of the good, the positives that are in our lives. It is up to Each and Every One of Us to decide how we are going to be….NOTHING in our Life is Guaranteed, NOTHING in Life lasts forever so we might as well put a Smile on Our Faces, some Happiness in Our Hearts and make the Best of Every Single Day as best we can!!!“The one and ONLY true thing in life that we can control is Ourselves!!” Sending Much Love to You All and a Huge Hug to anyone and everyone, especially those of you that may need a little extra love today.😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson