Road Trip 2016 Day 2…8/9/16

Day 2 – We left Grand Junction headed for Colorado Springs, CO via the scenic route that adds about an extra hour going through Aspen.Now we can say we’ve been to Apen. Narrow streets, tons of people everywhere even during the summer and there’s a lot of money in that town. Lots of private jets at the airport and even a Gucci store.

It is a nice and cute little town and probably fun to wander but we are on a mission to get to Colorado Springs and Aspen looks just like one of the “tourist traps” that’s a bit over priced for the average person. (Meant with no disrespect just not our thing.)

When you leave Aspen heading to Colorado Springs you get to see some beautiful mountain scenery, some streams and little waterfalls and maybe even a deer or two along the way. The pass is limited to vehicles under 35ft in length and it narrows greatly with speed limits varying but 35-40 most of it as there’s several switchbacks, turns and curves.

just a small stretch of the road

It is scenic and now we can say we’ve been through Aspen. After living in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana, and a couple years in British Columbia it was very comparable and just like back home. If you are NOT use to the Mountains, the back country…then by all means take the scenic route through Aspen as it is beautiful.

We decided it was time for lunch and found a nice place along our route. Definately recommend. Two patios one on the front off of the highway and one in the back. The Hamburgers were delicious, hand made and good quality meat not a fast food joint!! Buena Vista was the little town.

Travel and experience new things wether it’s just down the street in your hometown, neighboring towns or going cross country. There is beauty and adventures everywhere!! The world has so much to offer if we just look around and take the time to experience and see new things! Will write more in Part 2 of Day 2…..Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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