Do the Clouds around us determine our day?!?!?!

Good Morning!!! Oh what a beautiful warm cloudy day today is already…..Today may be Cloudy, but does that mean that my day has to be Cloudy too or is today what I make of it?Is Everyday determined by the clouds and our surroundings or is Everyday how we choose to let life affect us?

I believe that YOU, ME and Everyone else has a choice…..”We” have choices on how we let our surroundings affect us and there is only ONE person ultimately responsible for our Attitude, for our Actions, for our Happiness and for any negativity we may have towards anything or anyone else….and that one person is “Ourselves”.

We may NOT be able to control our surroundings but we sure can control Ourselves and how we let our surroundings affect us!!DO what is right for YOU, Do what you need to for your own Sanity, to allow yourself more Happiness……..Life is a lot easier by being happy and positive ….find the good from every situation…..way too much of our lives are wasted being sad, bitter, angry & negative!! Be HAPPY…Be POSITIVE…BE & DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that makes you HAPPY….LIFE is all about Choices!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson



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