Forgiveness…heals the heart & soul

Forgiveness….heals the heart & soul….we are only human after all.Bitterness & Hate….consumes us and creates negative energy.

Letting Go & Moving Forward….releases the darkness we hold within therefore freeing our Soul.

To Forgive, To Love Unconditionally and To Free Yourself takes great strength. 

It does NOT mean things will be perfect, it does NOT mean a relationships will be magically mended, it does NOT mean you will even have a relationship again…..

What it DOES mean is that You have released the negativity, it DOES mean you have accepted what has happened in the past and no longer wish to let it bother you, it DOES mean that you have freed your heart and soul of such great heartache, it DOES mean that you have let go so it no longer has control over you, it DOES mean You have FORGIVEN for yourself not others so that you may move Forward and away from the Bitterness that has consumed a part of you…..

Forgive for Yourself, Let Go of Negativity & Free Your Soul so that you may Move Forward into a Happier Healthier Life.   

May We ALL Find Our Own Inner Strength to Let Go and to Free Our Our Souls.  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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