EXCUSES—Excuses, what are they?

EXCUSES—Excuses, what are they? We all have plenty of them….we often use excuses as a form of reasoning as to why someone or ourselves did or didn’t do something, we often use excuses to rationalize and to come up with reasons as to why we have NOT done something (i.e. workout, apologize, housework, travel abroad, etc.), we often come up with excuses to stay in our comfort zone, we often use excuses as to why we are NOT following our dreams, we often make excuses to make ourselves or others feel better as the truth or failure often hurts……Excuses are much easier.  
I myself am GUILTY and often make excuses for NOT pursuing some of my passions, wants and needs for fear of failure….I am only human after all and so are you!!  
NO MORE EXCUSES!!! It’s time to start doing more, even if just a little everyday……when you start to make an excuse, stop and pause for a moment and think about what your excuse is….what could you do differently to NOT use that excuse….what are you afraid of? How can you approach this differently to succeed instead of making excuses? 

We ALL can succeed, We ALL can change, We ALL can be more positive, We ALL can stop making excuses for others and for ourselves!!  
  Just some deep thought as I pause and take a moment on my beautiful walk here in the desert of Mesquite!! 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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