Smile Smile Smile 

Tuesday Morning……Smile Smile Smile!!! Make yourself and others happy!!  
Sending you all a great Big Smile to share with yourself and others!!!  
Have some fun throughout your day, laugh and enjoy the good in everyday!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinsin


Happiness is a choice

The choice is YOURS!! Remember this when you are feeling down, YOU deserve Happiness…find it everywhere you go!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson
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Forgiveness…heals the heart & soul

Forgiveness….heals the heart & soul….we are only human after all.Bitterness & Hate….consumes us and creates negative energy.

Letting Go & Moving Forward….releases the darkness we hold within therefore freeing our Soul.

To Forgive, To Love Unconditionally and To Free Yourself takes great strength. 

It does NOT mean things will be perfect, it does NOT mean a relationships will be magically mended, it does NOT mean you will even have a relationship again…..

What it DOES mean is that You have released the negativity, it DOES mean you have accepted what has happened in the past and no longer wish to let it bother you, it DOES mean that you have freed your heart and soul of such great heartache, it DOES mean that you have let go so it no longer has control over you, it DOES mean You have FORGIVEN for yourself not others so that you may move Forward and away from the Bitterness that has consumed a part of you…..

Forgive for Yourself, Let Go of Negativity & Free Your Soul so that you may Move Forward into a Happier Healthier Life.   

May We ALL Find Our Own Inner Strength to Let Go and to Free Our Our Souls.  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

No Regrets, Go For It

What a beautiful day once again!! LIVE with NO Regrets…take a leap and get out of your “comfort zone”…..try things you’ve always wanted to, go places, take chances!!! Will it always work out like you think, probably not…..will you always enjoy it, probably not….sometimes you may enjoy it more than you could have imagined and sometimes one thing leads to more great things……GO FOR IT, at least you can say you gave it a try, at least you can scratch it off of your bucket list.  YOU will never ever know until you try. Things always tend to work out how they are meant to be but if you don’t at least try you’ll never know….NO REGRETS and who cares what anyone else thinks!!! Stop worrying about what others think!!!  Do stuff for Yourself, Stop putting yourself down and fearing the unknown…..take a deep breath, put a smile on you face and start ping after what you want and if your already trying, Good Job, keep it up!! Never Stop Trying, Never Stop Believing and NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Have a Wonderful Beautiful Day

Oh What A Beautiful Day …… It is yet another day!!! Make it Amazing, make it your own… are in the drivers seat so buckle up, check your mirrors, adjust your seat and drive off and into a wonderful day!!

Let things go, you CANNOT control everything!! Make the decision to stop letting so much that is beyond your control interfere with your well-being, with your mind, with your happiness ….. we ALL have Emotions, we ALL have Feelings, we ALL have a heart, we ALL Care, we ALL have endured Tough Times, we ALL have survived what Life has thrown at us!!! This has made us who we are!!  
Embrace the Positives you have in Life…..Embrace the Love you have within you…..Embrace the fact you have yet Another Day!!!  
Have a Wonderfully Beautiful Day Everyone!!! 😃 Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Midweek Caring….

Midweek is here again…..Smile, be Kind & Show Love to yourself and to others!!  
Reach out and give a hug, say “I Love You”, and show you care…….someone somewhere may need it, you may need it too. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most to us that have the biggest impact on our lives that we take for granted…..believing they will always be there, leaving words unsaid.  
Be grateful and reach out to your Loved Ones, spread some smiles, laughter, tears and love!!!! Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday my Family and Friends!!! 😃  
Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Are you Living or Existing?

Today is another day, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet………take a deep breath, exhale with a smile and get yourself mentally ready to take on any challenges that today may bring with a positive attitude!!   

Life’s too short to be negative all the time,
Life’s too short to be bitter,Life’s too short to let others persuade you, Life’s too short to NOT be Happy!!! 

 Life Is Too Short to let it slip away because you’ve allowed yourself to get wrapped up in everyday life and forgotten to LIVE, To Experience, to Follow Your Dreams, to be Happy……….Are you Living and Enjoying Life or are you just Existing and letting your hopes and dreams slip away?!?!?! 
 NEVER stop dreaming, follow your dreams regardless of how long it may take!!! Love yourself, love and embrace your family and friends… is a blessing and tomorrow is never promised!!   
 Love and hugs to you ALL!!! 😃 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson