Broken relationships with a heavy heart

Sometimes I believe I think too much, but there are times when something weighs heavy on my heart and I cannot help but think too much!! I cannot help but think about the pain between loved ones!  As I have been out walking alone in the desert these thoughts of heartache have run wild, over the years this has not changed and now, as I sit here enjoying my back patio and the beautiful sunshine these heartfelt thoughts run through my head once again……If ONLY I could learn to not love and care so deeply….if only I knew how to stop myself from always wanting to fix any wrongs….if only I could let go and not feel that I will live with regrets if I don’t at least try just once to help fix things!!!  I am NOT perfect but I try to live with NO REGRETS…..I am at peace with most everything that has gone on in my life as at least I have tried and feel good about myself, my decisions, what I have done thus far in my life, and at peace with everyone that I have loved unconditionally despite any problems that occurred or how the relationship is or isn’t.  I know deep down that I am who I am because of everything I’ve been through and I am proud of who I am despite my many quirks and faults!!

If I only had a magic wand or the knowledge on how to mend and fix things…..if I only had the smarts to help them heal and to help them let go of any negatives from the past and to mend at least part of any relationship that once was or to at least just forgive for themselves to release the bitterness that is held within.  It hurts me to see loved ones get upset, to struggle and be bothered with a relationship that is virtually nonexistent…….to me when a person is upset and bothered it is because they truly care, because they are affected by whatever is wrong, to me from the outside looking in and listening it is because there is pain and love still being felt otherwise it would be no big deal and a thing of the past. It weighs heavy on my heart always because of all the memories that have been missed and all of the precious time that has been lost.  It weighs heavy because I can see all of the pain that has been caused and felt by more than just the one(s) struggling.  Life is not easy, relationships can be complicated, love can be shared or lost in the blink of an eye…….Life is short so make your time count!! NO REGRETS….mend what needs to be mended, forgive to free yourself from negativity, love unconditionally for yourself but release anything and anyone that bring negativity but if you cannot fully release the negative energy maybe you need to take a look into why you struggle to release it, why are you not at peace with letting go?!  Sometimes the negative energy that we are trying to release is actually something that we need we just have to figure out how to suck it up and make it positive again!!
For anyone who is able to read my post all the way through, thank you!  I hope this post at least helps one person to look at things a little differently…..all I want for us all is to be happy, to be and feel loved……I want more of us to be able to let go of negativity, to embrace the life that we have, to live with no regrets and to make amends with whatever/whomever before it is too late!  Wishing you all luck and strength to get through yet another day and luck to help you mend your heart for yourself.  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson


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