Another Terror Attack within our own borders and the Government mentions Gun Control once again….really?!?!?!

Gun Control will NOT save the innocent and make America Great….Gun Control just makes it easier to slaughter the unarmed and will make more people live in fear!! I do NOT fear, I proudly carry!! I carry in places it is states “No Firearms” so that I may be safe, so that others may be safe, so that I have back up in case the unthinkable ever happens! I do NOT live in fear, I am NOT a radical, I am NOT ex military….I AM just an honest Gun Carrying American!!!
What if I left my gun behind and followed the rules and something happened?!?! I would feel guilt for the rest of my life!! Could I effectively stop what was taking place, could I help save a life or two, could I make a difference, could I stand up to the situation and live to tell about it?!?!?!?! I do not know……I honestly hope to never find out but I am ONE PROUD AMERICAN WOMAN who will NOT give up my guns to stupid idiots that think more so called “Gun Control” will make America Greater and Safer!!!  

WAKE UP America!!! It’s time to take back our Country…..It’s time to stand up against the haters….It’s time to Protect ourselves and stop being “Politically Correct”….Its time to make the United States a Force to be Reckoned with and Feared…….It’s time to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” again!!!!  

We are ALL entitled to our opinions and I am just venting and sharing some of mine as I’m so sick of the Politics, of the violence and murders that we are allowing to take place within our own borders and sick of the people who keep defending and making excuses as to WHY we are allowing this to happen!!! I know NOT everyone will agree with me and that’s ok. So please, if you want to make a comment that is fine but I am not posting this to debate but to simply just vent!! 


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