Choices & Living……Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?

What a beautiful cloudy morning!!  Everything is so peaceful, the birds are chirping and fighting over taking turns on the feeder and water dish (except when I disturb them). The sun has risen but yet remains hidden behind the clouds and there’s chances of thunderstorms over the next few days but that’s okay as its still a beautiful day!!
Do NOT stay stuck in the past or in the negatives….often we get wrapped up in these instead of focusing on the Good things within our lives and all of the positives that surround us…..DO enjoy your life, what you have and what is yet ahead and leave the past behind!

Do NOT compare your life or be envious of others…..often we see what others have or what others are doing and we get jealous or resentful at the fact it isn’t us and we forget that these things are only things, they do not define us and everyone has their own struggles despite what anyone else sees from afar…..DO embrace Your life and all of your blessings for there is only ONE unique YOU, Life is what you make of it and Life is meant to be lived differently by each and everyone of us!  
YOU and ONLY YOU have the choice on how you choose to Live, how you choose to embrace your Life and how you choose to make choices that direct your way of Living……….
Are you in the Positive or Negative choices and thoughts?  I hope my little thoughts this morning help at least one of you whom may be struggling to realize that there is more to Life than being stuck and and hopefully you realize that YOU truly are Uniquely Blessed!!! Luv and hugs to you all 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Choose how to be…..

Good Morning!!  
Laughter, Smiles, Love & Happiness…….we all need and deserve nothing less!!  
Choose how to be, Choose how to avoid negativity, Choose to let go of the negatives of the past, Choose how you let others affect you…….Choose to embrace your blessings, Choose to find the positives within your Life, Choose to take control of yourself / your life, Choose to be happy every single day……. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson 

Inner Peace isn’t always easy…………

Oh my…’s SO chilly out (hear the sarcasm in my words 😜)………music softly playing in the background, a slight rustling of the palm leaves blowing in the light breeze, crickets…crickets…well, crickets making whatever sound they make off in the distance!!! Having myself a nightcap, just me by myself enjoying the beautiful moon with intermittent clouds!!    Sometimes things don’t go as planned, sometimes life just happens, sometimes things get in the way, sometimes obstacles are hard to overcome……..sometimes things aren’t meant to be, sometimes you forget to look at the bigger picture, sometimes we lose our way, sometimes we take what we have for granted……….sometimes Life just happens and ya gotta go with the flow and just take a deep breath and a leap of faith that ALL will be okay, everything will work itself out!!! 

One of the biggest obstacles each of us faces is ourselves…….ourselves mentally is one of the cruelest and hardest things we will ever battle!! I am NOT perfect, I am NOT a saint, I have issues just like everyone else, I may NOT be the prettiest or the smartest person you will ever meet….BUT, I am ME and I try so hard to be positive, upbeat, at peace with who I am, I try to spread happiness and cheer and I try to improve myself every single day…..this is all I can ask of myself!! So, next time you find yourself getting upset for whatever reason or you are being hard on yourself take a moment to ask yourself why, why are you feeling like this?!?! Does it really matter in the end? Isn’t there happy things and blessings that should be consuming you instead of all the negatives?!?! We do NOT know how much time we will have here in our physical bodies so enjoy every moment like it may be your last!! Try to leave kindness… and wonderful memories everywhere you go, just in case……. Ok, ok, ok…..done with my goodie two shoes πŸ˜‹ blah blah blah…….I hope each and every one of you finds Peace within yourselves, within your life….Life is so precious and we often take it for granted thinking that we will be here tomorrow, that our loved ones will always be here…… NOT leave negatives behind!!!! What happened in the past, the words that may have been said, the words that may remain unspoken, the relationships that may have been lost to stupid things should NOT be left with negativity, fix and improve everything that you can, before it’s too late!!

I Love Each and Every One of You in my own unique way……..YOU have all touched a part of my life in one way or another and for that, I THANK YOU!! Much Love and Hugs to you ALL!!!! p.s. I really did try to make this short and sweet but I just couldn’t delete any of my words, so most of you know me well enough that my stories/way of thinking/words that flow from my being are “Rarely” short!! I seem to recall a certain few people whom have asked…”is this the sort or long version”…….when in fact I am telling the super short version (at least I thought so until they point it out)!!! LoL πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Good Morning

Good morning Everyone.  
Put a smile on your face and take on the day with a positive attitude!!  
Laugh often, spread happiness, share your love, enjoy your surroundings and be grateful.  
Sending happiness and smiles to you all!!!! πŸ˜ƒ Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Modern “&?!@&$ Technology……learning is so stressful πŸ˜Š

I just want to say that MODERN TECHNOLOGY SUCKS!!! I just did up a nice inspiring post using the iPad while in the road (trying something new), saved it published it and now it’s gone…disappeared an nothing but the first sentence and one photo left!!! UGH!!!!!!!Aggravated beyond words as I just spent almost two hours figuring out how to manipulate, move pictures, etc.  Then it didn’t convert from word, so I started over and now it’s ALL gone!!! I sure do love my technology abilities!!! NOT!!!! So…..for mustering some feel good, do good thoughts and words……hmmm…..previous positivity eludes me.  

So, for now…I’m putting a smile on my face, gonna have to annoy my husband and my son in other ways besides cussing at the IPad as we are traveling from NV to MT, I have no yarn to crochet, modern technology is NOT being my friend and we still have about 10hrs on the road!! Everything including your ATTITUDE, your FROWN, and your EVIL Thoughts of the IPad flying out the window till it comes to a sliding halt along the pavement to just be squished by the innocent semi truck passing by…….Everything is temporary!!

EVERYTHING is Temporary, so take whatever happens as a learning experience..both good and bad!! Try to stay positive, take deep breaths and you will get through anything and everything!!! You can either stay stuck in the “Negatives” or you can move on!! Be grateful for what you have, be grateful you have a chance once again to conquer the IPad when you are ready, be grateful you have loved ones whom love you for being who you are!!! Happy Wednesday everyone, hopefully “modern technology” is treating you better than me today!!! 😊. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Broken relationships with a heavy heart

Sometimes I believe I think too much, but there are times when something weighs heavy on my heart and I cannot help but think too much!! I cannot help but think about the pain between loved ones!  As I have been out walking alone in the desert these thoughts of heartache have run wild, over the years this has not changed and now, as I sit here enjoying my back patio and the beautiful sunshine these heartfelt thoughts run through my head once again……If ONLY I could learn to not love and care so deeply….if only I knew how to stop myself from always wanting to fix any wrongs….if only I could let go and not feel that I will live with regrets if I don’t at least try just once to help fix things!!!  I am NOT perfect but I try to live with NO REGRETS…..I am at peace with most everything that has gone on in my life as at least I have tried and feel good about myself, my decisions, what I have done thus far in my life, and at peace with everyone that I have loved unconditionally despite any problems that occurred or how the relationship is or isn’t.  I know deep down that I am who I am because of everything I’ve been through and I am proud of who I am despite my many quirks and faults!!

If I only had a magic wand or the knowledge on how to mend and fix things…..if I only had the smarts to help them heal and to help them let go of any negatives from the past and to mend at least part of any relationship that once was or to at least just forgive for themselves to release the bitterness that is held within.  It hurts me to see loved ones get upset, to struggle and be bothered with a relationship that is virtually nonexistent…….to me when a person is upset and bothered it is because they truly care, because they are affected by whatever is wrong, to me from the outside looking in and listening it is because there is pain and love still being felt otherwise it would be no big deal and a thing of the past. It weighs heavy on my heart always because of all the memories that have been missed and all of the precious time that has been lost.  It weighs heavy because I can see all of the pain that has been caused and felt by more than just the one(s) struggling.  Life is not easy, relationships can be complicated, love can be shared or lost in the blink of an eye…….Life is short so make your time count!! NO REGRETS….mend what needs to be mended, forgive to free yourself from negativity, love unconditionally for yourself but release anything and anyone that bring negativity but if you cannot fully release the negative energy maybe you need to take a look into why you struggle to release it, why are you not at peace with letting go?!  Sometimes the negative energy that we are trying to release is actually something that we need we just have to figure out how to suck it up and make it positive again!!
For anyone who is able to read my post all the way through, thank you!  I hope this post at least helps one person to look at things a little differently…..all I want for us all is to be happy, to be and feel loved……I want more of us to be able to let go of negativity, to embrace the life that we have, to live with no regrets and to make amends with whatever/whomever before it is too late!  Wishing you all luck and strength to get through yet another day and luck to help you mend your heart for yourself.  Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Another Terror Attack within our own borders and the Government mentions Gun Control once again….really?!?!?!

Gun Control will NOT save the innocent and make America Great….Gun Control just makes it easier to slaughter the unarmed and will make more people live in fear!! I do NOT fear, I proudly carry!! I carry in places it is states “No Firearms” so that I may be safe, so that others may be safe, so that I have back up in case the unthinkable ever happens! I do NOT live in fear, I am NOT a radical, I am NOT ex military….I AM just an honest Gun Carrying American!!!
What if I left my gun behind and followed the rules and something happened?!?! I would feel guilt for the rest of my life!! Could I effectively stop what was taking place, could I help save a life or two, could I make a difference, could I stand up to the situation and live to tell about it?!?!?!?! I do not know……I honestly hope to never find out but I am ONE PROUD AMERICAN WOMAN who will NOT give up my guns to stupid idiots that think more so called “Gun Control” will make America Greater and Safer!!!  

WAKE UP America!!! It’s time to take back our Country…..It’s time to stand up against the haters….It’s time to Protect ourselves and stop being “Politically Correct”….Its time to make the United States a Force to be Reckoned with and Feared…….It’s time to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” again!!!!  

We are ALL entitled to our opinions and I am just venting and sharing some of mine as I’m so sick of the Politics, of the violence and murders that we are allowing to take place within our own borders and sick of the people who keep defending and making excuses as to WHY we are allowing this to happen!!! I know NOT everyone will agree with me and that’s ok. So please, if you want to make a comment that is fine but I am not posting this to debate but to simply just vent!!