FREE……Give and Receive

FREE…..FREE FREE FREE…….Being Kind, Sharing Smiles & Laughter and Giving Hugs are all FREE to both Give and Receive!!! 😊

Their Heart & Soul……Your Heart & Soul benefit from something that cannot be bought but rather given for Free!

Don’t Judge others….you are NOT living their life, you have no idea what they’ve been through, you don’t know what hurdles they have had to overcome. Often the Bitter, Sad, Grumpy, Rude, Non Social and Negative people are the ones who just need what we can offer for FREE the most!! 
So before you open your mouth or give glares, take a step back……..maybe you can Give a Compliment, a Smile, a Hug or just be a Kind and Patient Person for an individual…….maybe you will be the person to make a difference to someone, and you did it for FREE!!!

Sending you all a Smile, a Hug and the best wishes for a wonderful day!!! 😃 Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


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