Home Alone…..gotta laugh at myself

It’s amazing how the mind can wander, especially when home alone……two nights ago I was restless throughout the night with mindless thoughts of randomness that made me chuckle, made me smile and made me wonder why I’m so weird!! This morning I thought I would share this with you.

Around 2:30am I awoke suddenly and instantly sat up listening, what did I just hear?!??  Is someone outside?  Did I lock both sliding glass doors?  Did I lock the front door behind me?  Hmmm, must be my imagination so I lay back down and proceed to fall asleep just to be startled once again!!

Ok, now I have to be hearing something….huh???  Am I over reacting because I’m home alone?!?!  Ok, knock it off!!  Why does it sound like someone is rolling the city trash can around?!?!  Is someone taking one down the road….huh….the sound is in the back so why does it sound like the garbage can going out?  Something is just NOT right!!

Ok, that’s it!!!  As I crawl out of bed ever so gently (as if someone outside is going to hear me) I reach for the curtain at my bedroom sliding glass door, NOTHING!! Nobody and no sound…….oh wait!!!  There’s the sound again!!  I decide to gently open the slider since I cannot see anything!!!  As I poke my head out I hear the noise again and hesitate ever so slightly as to NOT get caught….what in the world?!?!  The wind is blowing more consistent and violently…hahahahhaha, someone’s empty water bottle had made its way to the back patio and was rolling around!!  It definitely WOKE me up and made me smile and laugh as I was freaking out, holding my gun half naked at a little tiny empty water bottle!!!  LoL ….. At least I was safe, as I AM WONDER WOMAN!!! Ya, I make myself and others “Wonder”!!! LoL!!! 

I safely saved the empty noisy water bottle…it now resides in my garbage can!!  Later that morning I picked up 2 more water bottles and 3 beer cans from the back yard….looked like someone was having fun last night!!

Good Cloudy Morning!!!  I hope I have made at least one of you smile today 😃…..Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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