Time Always Passes…..

Time always passes!!  Time usually passes way quicker than we’d like…….So why NOT try to make the best of every moment that you have?!?!?!?!  Be and Do what makes you happy, enjoy and cherish every moment that you have, remember that you are blessed with so many things and STOP taking life and your loved ones for granted….love them, cherish them and tell them you love them before it’s too late!!!IMG_4400
I am once again having a cup of coffee while enjoying the birds, the sunshine and my beautiful surroundings and thinking of all of you, my friends & family…..sending you all much LOVE from Mesquite and may you all have a wonderful day and week!!! 😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


Don’t forget to LIVE your Life….

LIVE Your Life!!! Don’t just live day by day getting wrapped up in the daily grind…..LIVE day by day enjoying more of what surrounds you, looking and dreaming of what the future holds, LIVE your life trying and doing things you’ve always wanted to do, get out of your comfort zone a little and go for it!!!!  
We ALL are guilty of getting wrapped up in our everyday lives and more concerned with what others think that all too often we forget to LIVE our lives for “Ourselves”!! 

Life slips by so fast….don’t forget to Enjoy what you already have while working towards your dreams and goals….don’t forget to cherish the moments with your loved ones as they wont always be here….don’t forget to take a little time for yourself while caring for others….don’t let yourself get wrapped up in worrying what others think as ultimately they are not living your life and YOU are in control of your Happiness so do not let them control your inner you!! 

LIVE your Life and enjoy every moment!!! Wishing and Sending you all just as much Happiness, Smiles, Love & Hugs that I can…..Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

Good Morning!!  
Laughter, Smiles, Love & Happiness…….we all need and deserve nothing less!!  
Choose how to be, Choose how to avoid negativity, Choose to let go of the negatives of the past, Choose how you let others affect you…….Choose to embrace your blessings, Choose to find the positives within your Life, Choose to take control of yourself / your life, Choose to be happy every single day……. Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson 

FREE……Give and Receive

FREE…..FREE FREE FREE…….Being Kind, Sharing Smiles & Laughter and Giving Hugs are all FREE to both Give and Receive!!! 😊

Their Heart & Soul……Your Heart & Soul benefit from something that cannot be bought but rather given for Free!

Don’t Judge others….you are NOT living their life, you have no idea what they’ve been through, you don’t know what hurdles they have had to overcome. Often the Bitter, Sad, Grumpy, Rude, Non Social and Negative people are the ones who just need what we can offer for FREE the most!! 
So before you open your mouth or give glares, take a step back……..maybe you can Give a Compliment, a Smile, a Hug or just be a Kind and Patient Person for an individual…….maybe you will be the person to make a difference to someone, and you did it for FREE!!!

Sending you all a Smile, a Hug and the best wishes for a wonderful day!!! 😃 Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Home Alone…..gotta laugh at myself

It’s amazing how the mind can wander, especially when home alone……two nights ago I was restless throughout the night with mindless thoughts of randomness that made me chuckle, made me smile and made me wonder why I’m so weird!! This morning I thought I would share this with you.

Around 2:30am I awoke suddenly and instantly sat up listening, what did I just hear?!??  Is someone outside?  Did I lock both sliding glass doors?  Did I lock the front door behind me?  Hmmm, must be my imagination so I lay back down and proceed to fall asleep just to be startled once again!!

Ok, now I have to be hearing something….huh???  Am I over reacting because I’m home alone?!?!  Ok, knock it off!!  Why does it sound like someone is rolling the city trash can around?!?!  Is someone taking one down the road….huh….the sound is in the back so why does it sound like the garbage can going out?  Something is just NOT right!!

Ok, that’s it!!!  As I crawl out of bed ever so gently (as if someone outside is going to hear me) I reach for the curtain at my bedroom sliding glass door, NOTHING!! Nobody and no sound…….oh wait!!!  There’s the sound again!!  I decide to gently open the slider since I cannot see anything!!!  As I poke my head out I hear the noise again and hesitate ever so slightly as to NOT get caught….what in the world?!?!  The wind is blowing more consistent and violently…hahahahhaha, someone’s empty water bottle had made its way to the back patio and was rolling around!!  It definitely WOKE me up and made me smile and laugh as I was freaking out, holding my gun half naked at a little tiny empty water bottle!!!  LoL ….. At least I was safe, as I AM WONDER WOMAN!!! Ya, I make myself and others “Wonder”!!! LoL!!! 

I safely saved the empty noisy water bottle…it now resides in my garbage can!!  Later that morning I picked up 2 more water bottles and 3 beer cans from the back yard….looked like someone was having fun last night!!

Good Cloudy Morning!!!  I hope I have made at least one of you smile today 😃…..Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

BECAUSE I CAN……..Because of..

BECAUSE I CAN….Because of people from the Past, the Present and the Future….Because of the Brave….Because of Men & Women who have, who are and who will be serving our Great Country to give us the Freedoms that we have!!!  BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

  Today I choose to stay in my comfy PJ clothes….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I sit outside drinking my coffee enjoying my beautiful surroundings, the warmth and the birds….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I feel Happy….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I am very appreciative of my wonderful Family and Friends….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I am more Blessed than yesterday and tomorrow I will feel the same way….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I can say or do anything I want….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Today I am Proud to be an American….BECAUSE I CAN BE!!!!!

Today I wish to say “Thank You” to all of the men and women who have, whom are and whom will be serving in our Military….BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mothers Day to ALL of the Mothers out there!!! 😊
No matter where you are, who you are, what kind of a mom you are, no matter what the situation of your “Mothering” role you deserve some credit and accolades…..not just today but every day!!
A “Mom” has many meanings…..

A “Mom” wears many hats……

A “Mom” often has many children besides her own……

A “Mom” is Nurturing with UnConditional Love…..

A “Mom” is not perfect but does the best that she can……

A “Mom” is a mom, sometimes we only have one…sometimes we have many…..regardless, love Your Mom(s) unconditionally, appreciate them and tell them that YOU LoVe them!!
Happy Mothers Day!!!!