Mamma Bear and Emotions….

Emotions….we ALL have them even if we try to ignore them, even if we are the most macho person in the world….we ALL have emotions especially when we try to hide them!!!  This Mama Bear is overly sensitive, I’ll admit it, I’m NOT ashamed….as it is who I am!!!

Do I wish I could control my emotions??? YES
Do I wish I could hide my true emotions so no one knew??? YES
Do I wish my facial expressions could hide my true feelings?? YES
Do I wish the floodgates could stay closed??? YES
Am I ashamed of my emotions??? NO

I Am NOT PERFECT, I feel deeply for myself, for my family, for my friends and for strangers!!! This IS me!!!! If I could magically fix every Heartache, every Problem, every Wrong I would do it in a heartbeat!!!!IMG_2997-0 None of us is perfect!!! None of us will have a perfectly easy life!! None of us has all of the answers!! None of us is always right or wrong!!! 
I AM WHO I AM, Loving me or hating me is far beyond my control because I AM WHO I AM!!!! Loving me or hating me is up to you!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson



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