Goodies for my loved ones in the U.S. Military……away from home but NOT forgotten!

SWEET SUCCESS, literally!!!! 😃🍪🍬🍪 To my son Tyler – United States Marine & my nephew Tucker – United States Army………I just finished packaging up another goodie box for each of you!! 👍 

It may be a little overkill since I just sent ya one at Christmas but I just couldn’t help myself!!! 😉 So PROUD of you BOTH, you two bring a great big smile to my face often and fill my heart with joy!! You have both chosen to Serve our Country and I believe it takes Special Men & Women to make this choice…. 

Yes, I am sappy but I just wanted to share with you and everyone that we are PROUD of you both, think of you daily and LOVE YA LOTS!!!! 😊 

Keep following your Dreams, NEVER Give Up and do what makes YOU Happy!!!  

To anyone with Military family and/or friends whom are serving…..let them know often that you are thinking of them, PROUD of them and anything else that’s gone unsaid or only said once in awhile!!  You are still doing your normal but they are the ones away from their family and friends Serving our Great Country and I know they miss home now and then.  Encouraging, kind words and knowing they are loved helps make Military life easier, especially if they are newbies and still just adjusting!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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