Practice Makes Perfect, but NO-ONE is Perfect….

Practice Makes Perfect….but NO-ONE is Perfect!!! Life is not always easy but it is what you choose to make of it and how you let it affect you…your mind, your body, your soul. 

What happened yesterday, last week, it is IN the PAST…so let it go, forgive, learn from past mistakes and situations……be at Peace with all your past negatives!! Today is a Brand New Day!!!  YOU are not Perfect (you don’t need to be), Life is not Perfect (doesn’t need to be), but you are a Wonderfully Perfect Person!! YOU are Loved Greatly by Family and Friends…YOU have touched many lives…YOU are a Great Person who Deserves Happiness and the Best that Life has to offer!! 

Sending you all a Perfectly Positive Smile and Hug to help you get through the day!! 😊 Have a Perfectly Wonderful Day!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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