A thing calls “Life”…..

Complicated, Confusing, Full of Love, Full of Disappointments, a Journey, a Legacy, always Changing, always Learning…..these are a few things associated with a thing called “LIFE”.  
When Life throws you Happiness…..embrace it, enjoy it and always remember it!! When Life throws you Sadness…..evaluate it, fix what’s wrong and always remember to learn from it!!  
No matter what life throws your way YOU can and will survive!!! Life is a journey that is constantly changing, Life journeys make you into the person you are for better or worse.  
Life has NO set of instructions, there are no magic ingredients to a better Life and Life has no boundaries. Life is what you choose to make of it….how you let it affect you physically, mentally & spiritually. We are all different…we all have different opinions…we all have different values…we all have different purposes…we all have different ideas…we all have different relationships…we are ALL different.  
Life is a journey no matter how you look at it…with ups and downs…with positives and negatives…with pain and sorrow…with joy and happiness……  

Life is what you make of it!!! There’s my random thoughts for this morning….have a wonderful day!! 😊Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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