Bad Dreams and/or Preminitions……

This is lengthy but I feel I need to put it into words even if no one reads, understands, relates or is affected by my words. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately and when I do sleep it’s overly interrupted. I’ve been having bad dreams, maybe premonitions of some sort that have included included family and friends and some that I haven’t seen in years in places I’ve never been or don’t recognize, some are just weird, bizarre and unrealistic but with some meaningful content and others have been very negative and heart wrenching…..this makes me a bit uneasy and has put a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.🙁  Last night was one of the worst, this one didn’t include death as the others have but this one was more about great heartache, a feeling of distrust, lies and deceit. (I know that I am a sensitive, emotional person but seriously, I woke up crying!!). Be careful, choose wisely, remember that your actions can also affect others both near and far, be honest….even if it seems like “no big deal” to you or to a few others or you think that others may never find out what you are doing/have done/are thinking of doing, or that it’ll make things easier and make you feel better and help ease your pain that lies within by doing something, lying and/or not being honest……think about it, is it worth the sacrifice of losing your loved ones or your loved ones losing you, is it worth the heartache to others or that you yourself may feel by your actions, is it worth people distrusting you, losing faith in you, losing respect for you… it something you can truly be proud of?!???? If you cannot be honest, if you are ashamed or plan on hiding it from others, if you know deep down it’ll hurt yourself or others, if you second guess your choices, then maybe it’s something you shouldn’t do or be doing!!!   

 What is honesty?!? You should be able to be honest with yourself and with others!!! I would rather have the honest whole truth than partial truth, lies or finding out later. Honesty to me is the best thing, yes it might hurt someone’s feelings or piss someone off but at least your telling the truth, they will either accept it or they won’t. Telling partial truths or lies only makes it worse on others as well as yourself especially when the truth is finally revealed!!  

I truly hope none of these dreams or premonitions come true…..I hope that everyone is honest with their family and friends regardless if it just what you are feeling, what you are thinking of doing, what you have already done in the past no matter how recent or long ago, that you can believe that the LOVE others have for you is greater than anything you have done in the past or are thinking of doing and have faith that they will still love you!! I also hope that everyone is careful, avoid situations that give you bad vibes, feelings of uneasiness and anything you are second guessing!!! If it doesn’t feel right or you know you shouldn’t do it then DON’T do it!!! I would really hate for even part of my bad dreams/premonitions to come true!! 

 Know that YOU are LOVED, know that you are cared about…..people look up to you, respect you and NO ONE is Perfect, we ALL make mistakes and that’s okay…..this is how we learn, grow and become a better person!!! Every single one of us has our own demons big or small… 

I know this was lengthy but without saying what my dreams were or whom they involved I wanted to try and cover some of the feelings and thoughts I have felt through them. Love and Hugs to you all and I’m sending you Positive Thoughts for Happy Days, Strength, Courage, Honesty, Safety and the ability to keep moving forward despite what ever challenges you are facing or are yet to come!! Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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