–This lovely cool Saturday I am feeling thankful and grateful for my husband. He has managed to put up with me all of these years despite my emotional and sometimes moody self and for always doing whatever has been needed to provide for his family. Together we have raised 3 fine young men whom we are both very proud of!! Together we have endured all of life’s ups and downs, grown together as individuals and as a couple and most importantly we have never stopped loving each other!! Every day is a new day for new memories!! –Today I am annoying my husband because I can, I am sharing with everyone some “lovie dovie crap” that he hates, I am smirking and he knows I’m up to no good but NOT telling him why, I am who I am and he loves me for it despite his always being annoyed by me!!! LOL … Someone has to make him smile, make him laugh, make him shake his head in disbelief to reassure him that indeed his wife is still this weird after all these years, who else could ANNOY him the way that I do?!?! 

–In Life we need to ALWAYS look for the good in every situation, we need to be grateful for who and what we have in our lives, we have to sometimes open up and be vulnerable to allow ourselves to heal and grow, sometimes we have to make sacrifices, we have to learn and grow from our mistakes, we have to forgive, we have to learn how to appreciate and be grateful which in turn makes one happy and sometimes we just have to smile and have faith that everything will be alright!!! Love and Cherish your family and friends!!! Never stop believing in them, love them unconditionally, always be supportive and don’t forget to tell them every once in awhile!!! So here’s my annoying my husband because I can…. ❤️ Ya Lots Terry Robinson 😘😊😇 Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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