Day after Marine Bootcamp Graduation….10-10-15

So, what to do the day after MarineBootcamp

You get up early and then stopped at an IHOP for breakfast!! And now we are on to Vegas!! 😊 Gonna wander around through the hotels and then Freemont tonight with Tyler the Marine and his little brother (17) Wyatt so they can experience some of Vegas on our drive back home. 

Enjoy any and all time that you have with your loved ones!! Be thankful and appreciative……things could always be worse!!  

 Seize opportunities to make new memories, to share smiles and laughter, to spend quality time with loved ones before it’s too late! NO Regrets, you cannot turn back the hands of time so live in the here and now and look to the future for more great things to come!!  

 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 

Be silly, have fun, enjoy life and make memories!! Be Happy!!!

😊 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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