Happiness comes from within

–Oh the happiness that comes from within…….  
–Sometimes Happiness is hidden and we have to work on letting go of negativity, letting go of of our troubles and the pain that lies within. 

 –Sometimes Happiness is shown in spurts, here and there through our fake smiles that want to be happy but are just hiding all the pain from within. 

 –Sometimes Happiness is just natural and constantly showing because we have accepted who we are, accepted the past and decided that life’s too short and we cannot control anything but ourselves. 

 –Sometimes Happiness is just overflowing and showing in our grin from ear to ear, shown in our attitudes towards life and people because we have happy hearts, so much excitement ahead and so many things to be grateful for that we forget about any of our worries and troubles that we have left behind!!  

 –Happiness lies within YOU so learn to do whatever it takes to help yourself be Happy, you deserve it!! Sending you all wonderful thoughts and smiles for Happiness!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson


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