Oct. 4, 2015 – Road Trip & Blessings

On the road bright and early this morning!! Out the door before 6am, darkness everywhere and 43 degrees.  A little over an hour has passed and the sun is slowly rising showing us the clouds in the sky. 

The excitement and anticipation of is overwhelming! We will soon be seeing our middle son after 13 weeks of snail mail being the only form of contact while he’s in Marine Bootcamp.  Today is his 19th Birthday, the first birthday we are not all together!! Happy Birthday son we will see you in 4 days!!!

My husband, our youngest son and myself are heading to Mesquite, NV for a few nights then on to San Diego for Family Day and Graduation!!! I cannot wait to see my newly transformed Marine and give him a great big hug!!!  This momma misses his smile, his cocky attitude and the way he makes me laugh!!  Children are such blessings, then they grow up and we have to let go while they become young adults.  Hug and tell you loved ones that You Love Them!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson



2 thoughts on “Oct. 4, 2015 – Road Trip & Blessings

    • Thank you!!! We are SO excited, seriously hard to contain ourselves!!! We just left Mesquite, NV and are headed to San Diego!!! πŸ™‚ I’m assuming you or a loved one must have served….Thank You to you and them for support and service!! God Bless

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