Happy Tuesday….

Another day….it is yet another day!!  
Be happy and enjoy life, do NOT allow yourself to worry and stress so much over things you cannot control, of things from the past. Believe that what is meant to be will be and that everything always works itself out with patience, perseverance & the right attitude!!  
Happy Tuesday my friends & family!! 😊Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


Monday….never STOP dreaming, never STOP believing….

Monday Monday🎡bah da bah da da da🎡🎡🎡…. Monday Monday🎡
Monday is here once again…..is there such a thing as being able to forget what day or week it is? Is there such a thing as losing oneself enough to lose track of time? 

Hmmm…..have I got you thinking and dreaming of how you could possibly lose yourself in a tropical paradise while lying in a hammock or walking along the beach listening to the oceans waves, sipping on a refreshing fruity drink or are you high up on a mountain top with your remote cabin enjoying peace and quiet, wildlife for neighbors, watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets with unobstructed views?!?!  The possibilities are endless…..don’t EVER stop dreaming & setting goals!!! Work towards what you want, set goals to reach your dreams but at the same time be happy and grateful for who you are and what you have!!!    Do NOT lose yourself in the negatives of everyday life, NEVER give up on your hopes & dreams, STOP doubting yourself and your abilities!!!!   START believing in your abilities, ALWAYS work towards your hopes & dreams, DO immerse yourself in the positives of everyday life!!

Be HAPPY and GRATEFUL…..never stop believing and never let anyone steal your dreams!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson 

Sunday Evening

Happy Sunday Evening!!!!  

Have a wonderful week……..take on this week and all of its challenges with a smile. You can overcome anything with determination and the right attitude!!! 😊  
It may not be easy, you may want to give up but have faith that everything will be okay…….Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

A Grateful Thursday, Love your Family

Good Thursday my Friends & Family!!! Who could imagine me at a loss for words…but indeed I have been at a bit of a loss lately!! My heart if full but yet it’s heavy….I start to write but then don’t like it….the feelings have been hard to express but today is the day that I open back up with my random thoughts and emotions!! 😊  Life is SO very precious, enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones, hug them when you can and always let them know you care!! IMG_8029Forgive–for yourself to let go of the pain and hurt you hold within you, do NOT hold onto the negatives but rather learn and grow. This is what all relationships are about, good or bad. 

 Try to mend broken relationships with your loved ones, with your family……disagreements & arguments happen in EVERY relationship and are just a part of life!! So much Time, Love & Memories are lost that can never be replaced……EVERYONE is affected young and old!!! Is your argument really worth losing relationships over?!?! It’s NEVER too late to for new beginnings & memories unless your loved one is gone!!! NO REGRETS, NO I WISH I HAD TRIED……. 

 The LOVE of family and friends is a simple pleasure in Life that can always be felt, that can brighten your day, that can make the difference when times are tough!!!  

 Hugs & Love to all my Family & Friends….. Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

A lovely day, so blessed!!

I had such a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE day today with two cuties and two sometimes needy dogs!!! LOL πŸ˜ƒ Always such a pleasure and I always enjoy myself, smile and laugh…..just snapped a few photos from today and have to share them!!  
LOL Tomorrow is one on one with Brenna…oh ya….I’m thinking we’re making something in the kitchen and I promised to show her a few books I have and read her some stories!! 

Gotta Love a Little Smile!!

Gotta love the little things….and cute little girls that Auntie Robin gets to spend time with!!! 

A surprise for mom and Nick……….

Please, Please do NOT turn me into CPS….LOL πŸ‘πŸ˜‹ 

Notice the cord positioning in her left hand like a pro…..


Really Auntie Robin?!?!?!?! Another Picture!!


Almost done, what a wonderful job she did!!! 😊

Hope your enjoying my pics!! 

Just chilling while big sis vacuums….


Em a little crabby due to running out of mommy milk once again!!! While Auntie Robin had to unthawed the last of the milk Konig had to lay next to her….the bodyguard!!!


Considering by the time I took this picture she had already drank over 8oz by mid afternoon a nice long nap was in order with her favorite football team!!!


Silly pic….except the young one that was trying to be responsible!!!!


Brenna was reading her 3 books from kindergaten call to Emery and I……Em was watching & listening!! 😊

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson 

Hello Hello Hello!!!

Hello Hello Hello!!!  
I have been silent and busy the past few days but today I am in full swing and have catching up to do on thoughts & pictures from being out of town for a week….but that’ll have to wait as today I’m watching two cute nieces!! 😊   
  Take life one day at a time, enjoy every precious moment you have with loved ones, don’t stress over what is beyond your control or in the past!!  
Love with all your might, forgive for yourself and not for others but to get rid of bitterness that resides within in, be happy and grateful for we are all blessed in many different ways!!  
Have a wonderful wonderful day my friends and family!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

Casa Blanca Resort…Mesquite, NV 10/11/15

Watching some football, sipping on a cocktail surrounded by noises fluttering all around!! 

 I can hear music from the overhead speakers, slot machines jingling, chips from poker tables clinking, the occasional cheering and claps of wins big or small, conversations of various topics everywhere, the iconic sound of “cocktails, do you need a cocktail” being blurted out in hopes to serve you any kind of beverage. 

I have people to my right, left and in front of me betting on the horse races and the nfl games, a few are just watching the nfl games like us without betting…… 

Behind me players are at various gambling tables and people beyond everywhere playing the slots. 

It is NOT a huge hustle and bustle here as it is in Vegas. Here at the Casa Blanca in Mesquite, NV it is just laid back and things seem to be at a much slower pace, a lot less people and more friendly faces. We splurged for brunch ….. Hebrew Nation all beef hotdogs for a whole .75 each!!! 


After the Bears & Seahawks games are over we are headed to lunch with the boys and I can hear the pool and sunshine calling out to me!! 

One last day to enjoy the beautiful warmth of the area before heading back home to Montana!! Life is good, remember that things aren’t always what they seem and are NOT always easy but everything always works out in the end!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts…..Robin Robinson