A Positive Monday

Ah……Morning!!!! Morning at last….Grrrrr!!! All of a sudden wide awake, toss and turn, toss and turn…….it’s gotta be close to 6 or 7am as I’m wide awake!! Guess I’ll pop on my phone check out the news and Facebook………Uh, Uh, Seriously?!????? It was 2:38am, wide awake…… šŸ˜” sleep, I must sleep… šŸ˜“šŸ˜“šŸ˜“šŸ˜“ lol Guess I’ll read a little more as my body says it’s tired but my mind is NOT cooperating!!! Sweet Dreams everyone!!! šŸ˜Š  

Monday morning came way too early!! But here it is and time to make the most of it!! Today is a great day to be determined, to forge forward and onward into positive things, a positive attitude with a good mood and a beautiful smile that will help start your day off right!!  
Do NOT stress and over think, learn to slow down and believe that everything will be okay. Sometimes we have to step back, change our way of thinking and attitude in order to make our day better.  
Continuously Dream and Work towards the things that make you happy but do not lose touch with the here and now and the ones you love most.  
You’ve survived this far and you will survive some more!! Let the past go, forgive and fix any wrongs. Life is too short to waste it being grumpy and bitter…….make the best of today, tomorrow and the days ahead!  
Happy Positive Monday Everyone!!!  Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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