Little ones don’t know worry or stress…..unfortunately, we do

–Hello Saturday!!! Want a dose of sweetness, cuteness?!?! Well here you go……these two precious girls don’t have a care in the world. These girls have no worries and are greatly enjoying life…..  
–Can you remember not having a care in the world, not worrying about the stresses in life, can you remember being happy 99.9% of the time and when you were sad it didn’t last long and would usually disappear with a bandaid, a kiss or a hug?!?!?! Your life was full of happiness!! 

 –Be Happy…..worry less about things beyond your control, stress less about what may or may not happen, BE HAPPY with who and what you have in your life but never stop believing, dreaming and striving for more.   

 –Relax, take deep breaths and enjoy what you have by being Happier from the inside out before it’s too late. Good Luck and I’m sending you all band aids, hugs and kisses!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson 



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