–Things could ALWAYS be worse and for someone it is!!! Appreciate the blessings you have, learn to smile and get through the day in a positive way that will help you deal with whatever comes your way!  
–As I keep trying to put stuff away in this rental I discover more filth and things that need to be cleaned more than the normal cleaning….just so I can put stuff away!!! I get frustrated, pissed, grossed out, shake my head in dis-belief that anyone can let a place you are staying get this bad and I even put my hands up and give up, temporarily…….. 

 –I try to take a deep breath, remind myself that at least when I’m done this place will be clean, no longer smell, at least we have a place to live which is more than some have and when I’m ALL done I can be proud of how the house looks and feels!!! 

 –Why am I sharing this with you?!?! Because things could always be worse!! We all have so much and need to “Look on the Bright Side” of every situation we find ourselves in!! It makes the situations easier to deal with and makes it easier on yourself and others……seriously, as I was gagging from the stench of overly deep cleaning one room yesterday, I just kept telling myself to keep going, I can do this as I know I have to and it’ll be 100 times better when I’m all done!!! Repeatedly, over and over and with time outs I forged forward and I think I have conquered that room!! Time will tell if the smell comes back again or not!! 😊  

 –“I, YOU, WE Can Do This!!” Our situations, troubles & worries are always temporary so make the best of what you have!!! When you stumble, when you have hardships, when you have troubles and want to give up it IS ok to take a few moments, hours or days to readjust yourself as needed…….but NEVER let it define you!!! Continue to move forward in a positive direction that you can be proud of!!!! I hope you ALL have a wonderful Wednesday with less cleaning than me!!! LOL 😉. Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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