Friday…another chapter not yet lived

-Hello Hello Hello!!!! It’s Friday already and hopefully soon many of you will have a day or two to re-cooperate, relax and re-energize.    
-We are ALL wired differently so every single one of us reacts to situations in different ways…..every one of us has a different solution for the same problems…..every one of us gets our feelings hurt in different ways…..every one of us is dealing with something different in our everyday lives…..every one of us has a different opinion…..every one of us makes mistakes…..every one of us forgives differently…..every one of us has a different way of loving…..every one of us is blessed in a different way…..every one of us has different things to be thankful for…..but this makes us who we are!!   

 -We are ALL different and unique in our own ways and we should ALL be Proud Of Who We Are…….Life gets hectic at times but it is just a mere chapter that can be continued later on or closed. Our Lives are like a book that is constantly being written……we have good and bad chapters, we have learning and mistake chapters, we still have many great unwritten chapters ahead of us! It is up to YOU to write your own book, your own destiny!!! Life is what you make of it so try to Smile more, Laugh lots, Love unconditionally, Forgive for yourself, Follow your hopes & dreams but most importantly…BE HAPPY!!!!  

 -These are my random thoughts for now and I truly hope every one of you has a wonderful day and weekend!!!!  

 Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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