How to have a Great Day…

Appreciative, Happy & Loved is how we should all feel …. the past is the past …. 

Being thankful for what you have makes you realize that you truly are blessed …. difficulties are meant to guide and teach you, not consume you ….  Loved ones will love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are despite any issues you have throughout your life, none of us is perfect and we all have our own difficulties!! 

We cannot control anyone else’s emotions, most of the time we are struggling with our own ….. why NOT learn to let things go that really do NOT matter whatsoever, why NOT learn to be more accepting and understanding of ourselves and others, why NOT learn to appreciate who and what we have instead of dwelling on what isn’t …. 

Be Happy, Dream and Work towards Goals, Love Unconditionally, Find the Good in Life, Be with Loved Ones — Be the kind of Person you expect others to be, sometimes YOU are what others need!!! 😊 Have a Great Day!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


Tuesday TidbitsΒ 

Tuesday Tidbits from this Weird, Insane, Whacky, Emotional, Psycho …. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!! 

 Don’t worry, be happy

In every life we have some trouble

When you worry you make it double

Don’t worry, be happy

Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh o

(DON’T WORRY) Ooh oo-ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh (BE HAPPY) Ooh oo-ooh oo-ooh


πŸ“βœοΈNOTE TO SELF: A cup of strong Coffee at 7:30pm does not, I repeat DOES NOT help you sleep but actually cause you to be awake till after 5am and up before 7am!!! 

 Thanks for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson

From a RCT to a United States Marine – the Crucible…good luck son!!!!

Today, September 29, 2015 at 2am (0200 hrs PST) our middle son RCT Robinson Tyler Scott will embark on his journey into the Crucible where he will go from being a Recruit to a United Stated Marine!!! 

 Good Luck to all the RCT’s in Fox Company and a light will be left on and a candle burning!!! 

 Positive Thoughts and Prayers for all!!! I smile as I visualize Tyler being Tyler and reassuring me (as I cannot help but worry just a little)…..”Mom, I’ve Got This!!!!” Go Fox Company and kick A$$ Platoon 2123!!!!!   
  Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

Hello Monday

Monday again ….. Good Morning Everyone!!! Bring on the week!! 

FROST has appeared this morning here in our beautiful part of Montana as Fall weather is slowly making its appearance down here in the Valley.  Autumn leaves are changing colors and now frost.
Wishing you all a wonderful week. Be Happy, Smile Lots, Laugh Often ….. if you are unhappy figure out why, search from within because YOU are the only one in control of yourself, your thoughts, your attitude, your Happiness!!  
YOU deserve Happiness so LET GO of the negatives of everyday life, of the past that you cannot change and look to Today & To the Future!!! There is SO much Happiness still ahead of you!!! πŸ˜ƒ Thanks for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson

Love to you all and good night

LOVE to you ALL …. I’m not headed to bed yet but thought I’d say “Good Night” and send you all some love, hugs and a smile!!  

πŸ˜ƒ We are ALL loved and important, never ever forget that……sometimes we forget to show Love in a positive way, or forget to say it verbally, or don’t realize that a touch, a smile or an I Love You out loud can make ones heart flutter, can make ones day and make someone happy!!  
We all love deeply and have feelings even if we are afraid to show it!! Good night everyone and sweet dreams into another week!!! Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson

We are ALL Blessed Everyday!!!

What beautiful scenery this morning to start the day!! I am so  blessed to live in a beautiful piece of heaven here in Montana!!  

Take the time to look at your beautiful surroundings and to realize how truly blessed we all are….the simple things, our surroundings, our loved ones, waking up to yet another day……  

 The simple things should be what’s important, not what materialistic things we have, not how much money we have, not what we don’t have. 
Smile and be Happy more, we are ALL so very Blessed but yet we sometimes get wrapped up in everyday life, everyday worries, everyday negatives that we forget to Appreciate and be Happy with what we have already been Blessed with!!!

 Be Happy, Be Appreciative but never stop dreaming, never stop working towards your goals, never stop believing in the good and positives that are still awaiting you around the corner, never stop believing in Yourself!!  

You, Me, We, are ALL Blessed!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!Thank you for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson

A Beautiful Montana Morning

What a Beautiful Montana Morning!!!  
Sun was starting to peak out along the East and was hitting the tops on the West.  
Don’t let the negativity in and take residence within you!!  
Look for the positives and positive people who help lift you up…..enjoy the simple things, smile and radiate the beauty that you hold within!!!  
Have a wonderful day today!!!Thanks for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson