Crazy Roller Coaster……LIFE….

Monday Morning thoughts started with wondering how the kiddos are doing that are all in Bootcamp right now. As morning seems to come too quickly and I want to stay under the warm covers I know that they are all up, moving and have NO option of staying under the covers or hitting the snooze button for another 5 minutes!! 😴 I smile as I remember what a parent posted that her Recruit wrote “Up at the ass crack of dawn”!!!    
YOU & ME just like them can do it, we will do it… matter what life throws at you, no matter what situation you find yourself in…..YOU can and will survive!! 

  Believe in yourself, smile and find the good and positives in Life, NEVER give up!!!! Let go and distance yourself from the negatives….YOU and YOU alone hold the key to your own Happiness so you might as well unlock your inner self and enjoy the crazy roller coaster ride!!   
Make the most of everyday…..wishing you ALL a wonderful Monday and start of a new week!! 😊


Thanks for reading my thoughts…….Robin Robinson


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