Letter from my Microwave….

OH, THANK YOU!!!  Oh how you have saved me from the depths of destruction!!!

I once again feel clean inside and out from top to bottom and am NO longer ashamed when anyone peeks in to use me!!!

I NO longer feel dirty, greasy and grimy!!!

I now shine and glisten brightly!! I may smell a little like vinegar but that’s okay, at least I’m clean!!!

Thank you for spending the time with me today to scrub and wipe away all of the cheese, noodles, popcorn grease, hamburger and who know what else from my plate, walls and door!!20150611-154120.jpg
I only hope that the rest of the family will pay attention to how clean I am once again and clean up after themselves!!

Sincerely, Your Microwave

Thank you for reading my thoughts….Robin Robinson


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