A golf date with my youngest son…6-10-15

20150610-233721.jpgAnd we were off to the Golf Course just the two of us!!!

The Ranch Club in Missoula, MT is so beautiful, challenging and catering to their visitors and members.

It is a public Golf Course that seems like it’s private.  The golf carts all have a small cooler filled with ice and some bottled water.  They will come and grab your clubs, clean them if you want and carry your clubs to the car or store them for you if you are a member.  They have wonderful fresh food and drinks that are seasonally changed and a fully stocked bar.


What a beautiful day on the Golf Course with my youngest son Wyatt!!!


We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, it was a “Rough & Sandy” kinda day!!!


It did get kind of HOT out but we’re NOT complaining!!! 😉 It was 92 when we left the course around 4pm.


After the front 9 we went inside to cool off a little and have lunch….Yummy Yummy!

I had the Huckleberry Lemonade to drink….very refreshing!!

For lunch Wyatt had the handmade pepperoni pizza and I had the blackened fish taco w/sweet potato fries (again)…..the food is always good and fresh.


This picture is from hole 11….it is a par 3.  For the first time Wyatt hit onto the green in one hit (cannot see his ball but its by his feet) and I hit into the sand for the first time (ball is at the bottom of the picture)!!!  He was extremely proud of himself and yes, he did beat me on this hole!!!


This trip I only took a few pics but realized it was mainly of Wyatt in the sand!!!  Lol….he wasn’t in the sand as much as it looks, really!!!


However, the last two were in the same sand bunker, he had to hit it twice as the first time it caught the lip!!  Just had to point that out!!!

Highly recommend The Ranch Club in Missoula, MT if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……Robin Robinson


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