Moms nerves…the night before High School Graduation 6-5-2015

This evening I am once again feeling a little sentimental, proud, emotional, happy and yet a little sad all at the same time!!!


Wishing all of the Graduating Parents Good Luck with graduation…..if you need tissues let me know and I’ll hook Ya up with a box!!! 😉


Sending Hugs to anyone needing one……

Each of us should be extremely proud of our kids and all of the other graduates!!!

They are about to finalize their High School Careers and enter into a World of Possibilities!!!!


This is our second son graduating but it isn’t any easier and I almost think harder because he is NOT going away to college but heading into the Marine Corp…..super proud of him but I will not be able to call him or visit him anytime I want to.

May we all get some sleep tonight, stress very little tomorrow and keep our eyes dry!!!! Good Luck to us all……

Thanks for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson

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