Wednesday……Wipe away the tears

Wednesday….wipe away the tears of yesterday and forge ahead into a brand new day!!!!


Each day is what we make of it…………

Some days are easier than others,

Some days have great heartache and sorrow,

Some days are the happiest,

Some days we just get through but everyday we have choices!!!!


Choose wisely,

Learn from your mistakes,

Accept and get over the past in which you cannot change,

Don’t take your loved ones for granted but rather enjoy them and love them unconditionally,

Try to make peace and/or get reacquainted with loved ones whom you’ve had a falling out with or whom you haven’t been in touch with for years!!!


The Simple Things in life……

Family & Friends……

Having a heart full of Joy & Happiness……

Learning to Let Go of things you cannot change……

Accepting what has happened……

Find your True Happiness!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts………Robin Robinson


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