It’s OKAY…..Mistakes Happen


Mistakes Happen, things don’t always go right or turn out how you want them to…………….it’s OKAY!!!

Not everything in life is meant to be.  Some things take a awhile to achieve, and some things will never happen……it’s OKAY, you can still be Happy, you can still Enjoy Life, you can still Move Forward, you can still Live Life to the Fullest!!!!


The CHOICE is completely YOURS and Yours alone, don’t let mistakes, don’t let opinions, don’t let failures, don’t let negativity, don’t let others stand in Your Way…….Choose how to Be, Choose how to Act, Choose how to React, Choose to be Better, Choose to Succeed, Choose to be HAPPY!!!



I myself am FAR from perfect, I have made my share of mistakes and bad choices and I’m sure there are more too come……

It is OKAY, that’s just a part of Life…this is how I grow and become better!!! It’s what I do and how I react and how I learn from my own choices that matter……I am in Control of my Happiness!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……..Robin Robinson


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