Be Grateful & Fix The Wrongs……..No Regrets!!

Be Grateful, Love and Appreciate ALL of the people that are in your life both near and far……..don’t let life get in the way of letting these people know you Love and Appreciate them!!! Don’t let time slip by before you fix any wrongs or at least attempt to fix any issues you may have that will help take some of the pain, the burdens and the regrets you may have if you do NOT at least try to fix things…….NO REGRETS!!!


Time often slips by with many words unsaid………in the blink of an eye they may be gone, in the blink of an eye you may be gone………..don’t leave things unspoken, don’t let things become Regrets!!! Nothing in Life is more precious than a Loved-One…….even though you may NOT speak, even though you may be MAD at each-other, even if you believe you were in the RIGHT or if you believe they were in the WRONG that doesn’t mean you stop loving each-other, that doesn’t mean you won’t be sad and mourn their death, that doesn’t make you exempt from feelings of Guilt and Regret because of the way things were left between you……….sometimes you have to put your pride, your stubbornness, your need to always be right, your need to be apologized to first, your need to NOT give in or the fear of rejection to the side and do what’s right, do what’s best for your soul and peace of mind, do what will LEAVE NO REGRETS from within!!!!


Love, Appreciate and Tell them often……….They have touched a piece of your Soul……

They will forever be in your Heart and You will forever be in theirs!!!!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts……….Robin Robinson


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